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You CAN find a needle in a haystack!

Updated: Nov 22

Two apps for finding, (the first) for people, (the second) for locations and premises.

I am involved with a pressure group (literally millions in branches throughout the world) and we constantly need to go to new meeting places. We also need to contact our group which may be swallowed up in a huge crowd of thousands, even tens of thousands - and more recently millions.


This is an ideal app on both the iPhone and Android.

There was a big March on the 28th August 2021 in London (UK) by Telegram's White Rose Organisation and others. Only one person needs to have the app on their phone. They send an email to the other party who can follow each others whereabouts on the same map through a link. The guy with the app told me two people in White Rose he'd never met managed to make contact in the huge march.

The beauty of this program is that if both people are moving, for example on a walk or on a march, the arrows on the map move as you and the other person moves. There's no way you can miss each other, unless the other guy was mugged for his phone! (There were 750,000 estimated marchers!)

A good point, where this app scores on those family apps who now know where everyone is all the time, is that the instigator can decide how long the other can see his whereabouts for any length of time between five minutes and 12 hours. Then there is nothing, the link has ended.

Glympse also has a tag option. Supposing you have a group twenty strong joining a march of a million people. Send a tag to a website or all of their email addresses, all twenty can observe the position of the tagger in the march and make there way to the tagger.

Another example. My wife and I were meeting at a strange town. Getting there from different parts of the country. Trains arrive at different times. My wife got there first, and when I arrived, she was wandering up and down the local shops spending my money. I traced her well before she could bankrupt me.


This is a remarkable British app also on the iPhone and Android, although the desktop version is not free, but used by large public and international companies (the list of some of these companies are shown on the app) Using the app on your mobile phone is free of charge and everything below is available for free.

This company has divided the entire planet into squares, three metres by three metres. Each tiny square can be accessed by only three words.

As an example, I spent 1 childhood at: ///admires.figure.maps - six thousand miles from London! Enter this into Google Maps (yes - they use it too} and you will see. Use dark mode as it is clearer. [Not now working on Google maps. Hopefully temporary]

Suppose you wanted to meet in a huge building with half a dozen entrances, you can guide your contact right up to the entrance door you want him to enter by.

My favourite 'independent' coffee house is at ///extend.tested.noon - but, for example, if you type it incorrectly, instead of Finchley, London, you may find yourself in the middle of the Sahara Desert!

They still have a lot of work to do on the free app, but they have a paid desktop version for big business so I guess that has priority.

When using the Google Maps search box, don't forget to type the /// first before the three words.

These two apps are useful, especially if you and your contacts like to explore and meet in different places.

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