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How to build an organisation secretly - worldwide

We need to get organised

The Government ignore all our petitions with mealy-mouthed responses. As far as they are concerned, these are a nuisance, but a useful way for the population to let off steam.

The British people, the English in particular, have lost their “thrust” from the old colonial days of Nelson and Wellington.

We are now far better off, and comfortable, and dying for one’s country is only an option for the very few.

The globalists are winning. It is looking more and more unlikely that we will be free of the European Union. We have a Prime Minister who is either still a staunch remainer, or has no idea of how to negotiate, or has no courage. Some may well think it is all three!

The idea behind globalism and the New World Order is to have One World Government. Once this happens, there will never be any elections, and whatever country you decide to move to, you will be under the same government. You will be trapped. Whatever you may earn, the taxes will be crippling as they will need to keep the workers poor so they don’t fight. If they do show spirit and start to organise, the governments‘s thugs will find them and kill them. No mercy will be shown.

So we must become organised. Now, before the damage is done.

If we make a big show of this, then we will be infiltrated before we even get off the ground.

One person only should start this, and run it for the first year. He or she should enrol only friends and acquaintances after sounding them out thoroughly. Nothing should be mentioned on social media. Then each friend and aquaintance should approach other friends and acquaintances, sound them out, and enrol them. Every member should be extremely well known to at least one other member.

A database should be kept of the membership showing a full tree of dependences. Not on computer, but a tablet with the WiFi disabled and no phone line, then stored in a lead box if you must.

Members should come from both the left, and the right, but not extremists of either left or right.

These members should be of people who love their country, love their history, and feel disilusioned at they way our system is deteriorating.

  • A Civil Service which has become politicalised

  • Qangos costing huge amounts but jobs for the boys (and girls)

  • The way we spend our foreign aid budgets

  • A House of Lords which is destroying the Government's will.

  • A politicalised Local Government which should be there to assist residents and business not an additional arm of government

  • A House of Commons which betrays the wishes of the people

  • International Conglomerates which suck Britain dry

I could go on, but unfortunately the list is endless so these should be enough to get on with.

After the first year, where members sole role should be (a) to sound out promising new members, and (b) to gather information in articles, and Hansard, for future ammunition. The group needs to take stock and decide, on the strength of membership, exactly what can be done to start to alter the status quo.

Everyone should recruit two people in their first week and even if they never do more afterwards, in seven days we will have 256 members and in 14 days we would have nearly 33,000 members.

If each member just found one piece of useful information, that would be 33,000 pieces of ammunition. Naturally it would take a little longer than this, but I see no reason why it shouldn’t be over 50,000 strong in the first year.

However, in the early days it might be useful to avoid recruiting people who could be disrupting to an embroyo organisation, such as ours, finding it’s feet.

  • Avoid members and voters of both the Liberal Democrats and the Greens who are pro Britain losing its sovereignty

  • Treat with suspicion card carrying members and fervent voters of the Labour Party and the Conservatives

  • UKIP have infiltrators, especially at the top. Treat members who joined within the last ten years with a healthy suspicion

  • Avoid Civil Servants, NGOs, Qangos and other Government backed organisation staff, or be very careful unless they are in a lowly position

  • Avoid managers and above of all large SMEs and all Corporates

  • Never tell anyone you are a member of the group, even when you are sounding people out. Questions to ask when sounding people out are

You could start sounding out friends, relations and close contacts with questions such as:

  • Were and are you, still pro Brexit? If yes...

  • Do you think our politicians will honour our wish? If no...

  • Who do you think is behind our failure (If EU, Soros, NWO, Common Purpose, our politicians, Globalists or similar), then:

  • What can the ordinary person do about this?

Based on their last answer, perhaps with a little prompting from you, see if they are the sort of person who might risk a little to save our country. However, do not mention this new organisation for at least 48 hours whilst you reflect on their position.

Before approaching for the second visit, mention you’ve heard of an organistion of pro British people and ask whether we (you and your prospect) should try and approach them. If they are interested, go away and wait at least another 48 hours and meet them again and tell them about this.

But before you can recruit, you have to be recruited yourself.

Finally, I haven’t the resourses to start such an organisation myself and it might be years before one of my friends joined and then approached me.

I would appreciate any ideas you may have on this so, I implore you, to share your thoughts and ideas with me at twzaite@protonmail.com with a heading “We need to get organised”.

Someone with a little money to spare might decide to do something along these lines. But if so, don’t approach me so I can say under duress! “I know nothings”

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