• Andrew Ampers Taylor

How this platform works - a short "must read".

There are two ways of looking at Ampers' Rants.

The quick way is to go via www.ampers.me.uk - but you could be missing something more interesting.

There is a more interesting way and that is downloading the Spaces app - make sure it is the app by WiX as there'll be more than one.

Once you are in, you can join by simply entering the special code for Ampers' Rants, the code is: AMPERS and this will get you into my articles.

And visit our Forum - if you want to register disapproval, or, heavens forbid, praise me! reply to me here - this is also where readers can chat together. If you want to discuss any ideas for articles, then head for Groups.

But there's more...

There are many hundreds (if not thousands) of blogs on the Spaces app, so if you like reading, it might be worth thumbing through the app.

I keep my articles short because I hate ploughing through non-essential bumpf!

Andrew Ampers Taylor


Telegram channel: @AceStart

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