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Are you a worrier or pessimist? Read on!

Updated: Oct 27

Warriors aren't worriers

The course weekend started on Friday evening and was from 5pm to 2am Saturday morning. Saturday was 10am to 3am Sunday morning. Sunday was half day from 10am to midnight! There was an extra optional day included from 10am to 4pm on Monday.

It was all very interesting and I learned a lot of things, including how to walk 15 yards on white hot coals in my bare feet at 1am on Saturday morning!

It was much later that I realised that my whole attitude to life was changing for the better on a personal level.

Two things which I find so useful that I would like to pass these on to others. The first is good common sense. The second required me to get confirmation from a psychiatrist and two psychologists. They all agreed it made sense although they wouldn’t have simplified it that way.

The first is, if you have a problem, no matter how serious, don’t worry about it – go and sort it immediately, or failing that, as quickly as you can.

The second concerns the brain. Your brain is geared to two things. To avoid pain and to search for pleasure. Unfortunately for worriers and pessimists, your brain listens to everything you think and say. And gears itself to avoid pain and give pleasure.

But if your thoughts are negative, your brain thinks, that’s what you want, and piles more negativity onto you. The same with worry.

Once I realised this, I became more careful with my thoughts and, if anything negative happens, I asked myself “How can I turn this around, and have fun doing it”. That last part is more important than you think. The brain immediately picks up on the word fun, analyses the thought, and works on turning the problem around in an easy and fun way. ***

I then read the Robbins book, ‘Awaken the giant within’. This was a great help reinforcing the seminar I had attended. Robbins has moved on from NLP which that book was based upon though. He has written further books on this subject. Many of my friends and colleagues read my articles and they will acknowledge I am a happy individual, always full of enthusiasm and never miserable

*** If you want to try this idea, email me on my social media account (at twzaite@protonmail.com and I will help you to word a card of five sentences to inspire you every day. Then print it in large type and put it by your bed. Read it every night before you retire and every morning when you rise. After a few weeks you will begin to note a change.

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