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Pam Taylor

The woman I married

I married Pam on 4th June 1977 and we set up home in East Finchley. 

After leaving school with eight 'o levels' Pam went to a secretarial college where she picked up shorthand and typing at 125 words a minute. 

For a while Pam set up as a typing agency with a couple of outworkers. I helped out when there was a call for desktop publishing and kept her computer working in Windows 3.1.

One of her clients was a bank training executive where he trained the actual banks own trainers in the latest banking techniques. He then set up offices in the city and persuaded Pam to take on the position of Office Manager with a small staff of ten. She held that position until she retired about two decades later. 

Pam at work! 

My wife Pam many moons ago.
My wife Pam many moons ago.

This was when she was office manager of a company who used to train bank Managers in the latest banking methods, in the City (of London).  Strangely enough all the management team and trainers were decent people - possibly because they were in training and not in banking! 

Pam now has trouble walking. It's recent and the doctors are trying to fathom out whether hip or arthritis. So they gave her a stick! Better than tablets I suppose!