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9 Feb 2023

The "war" in Ukrain

Why is Russia doing this? It doesn't want West Ukraine, but wants some of Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. 

But why is the war still raging?

What benefits are Russia getting, apart from weakening the EU and the UK's defence capabilities by them giving their tanks and jet fighters away? 

Oh yes, and what are they preparing their soldiers for? Whilst they are training them to be battle hardened? 

They are very good chess players to boot! 

Are the West being outplayed?

And, could there be a secret link between Zelinksyy and Putin? What a clever play would that be?

28 Mar 2022

The cashless Society 

Is it a blessing or a curse? You decide, but the following may assist!

A little while ago, a guy donated $5 in Canada to a funding account for the truckers. His bank immediely froze his account and the only money he had was the cash in his wallet.

Now imagine if the Canadian government had already removed cash from circulation and we all had to use a national digital currency - and by then Bitcoin, Ethereum and the rest would have been banned in Canada? His cash account would have already been frozen, and by then there'll be no money "under the mattress" so to speak.

No money to buy food for his wife and children, no way to buy petrol to drive to the USA, he'd be well and truly shafted!

Both the British and American governments want to introduce this and no doubt it is being considered in many countries around the world.

I'd suggest buying gold but they will probably introduce a ten year prison sentence if you have any!

Well? A blessing or a curse? Have you decided yet. 

15 Mar 2022

What's wrong with wind and solar?

I don't usually add magazine articles as a blog, but felt this should get a wider airing.

Mark Mills

Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute

And Prager University

Are wind, solar, and batteries the magical solutions to all our energy needs? Or do they come with too high a price? Mark Mills, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, analyzes the true cost — both economic and environmental — of so-called green energy.

Facts & SourcesTranscript of video

Have you ever heard of "unobtanium"?

It's the magical energy mineral found on the planet Pandora in the movie, Avatar. It's a fantasy in a science fiction script. But environmentalists think they've found it here on earth in the form of wind and solar power.

They think all the energy we need can be supplied by building enough wind and solar farms; and enough batteries. The simple truth is that we can't. Nor should we want to—not if our goal is to be good stewards of the planet.

To understand why, consider some simple physics realities that aren't being talked about.

All sources of energy have limits that can't be exceeded. The maximum rate at which the sun's photons can be converted to electrons is about 33%. Our best solar technology is at 26% efficiency. For wind, the maximum capture is 60%. Our best machines are at 45%.

So, we're pretty close to wind and solar limits. Despite PR claims about big gains coming, there just aren't any possible. And wind and solar only work when the wind blows and the sun shines. But we need energy all the time. The solution we're told is to use batteries. Again, physics and chemistry make this very hard to do.

Consider the world's biggest battery factory, the one Tesla built in Nevada. It would take 500 years for that factory to make enough batteries to store just one day's worth of America's electricity needs. This helps explain why wind and solar currently still supply less than 3% of the world's energy, after 20 years and billions of dollars in subsidies.

Putting aside the economics, if your motive is to protect the environment, you might want to rethink wind, solar, and batteries because, like all machines, they're built from nonrenewable materials.

Consider some sobering numbers:

A single electric-car battery weighs about half a ton. Fabricating one requires digging up, moving, and processing more than 250 tons of earth somewhere on the planet.

Building a single 100 Megawatt wind farm, which can power 75,000 homes requires some 30,000 tons of iron ore and 50,000 tons of concrete, as well as 900 tons of non-recyclable plastics for the huge blades. To get the same power from solar, the amount of cement, steel, and glass needed is 150% greater.

Then there are the other minerals needed, including elements known as rare earth metals. With current plans, the world will need an incredible 200 to 2,000 percent increase in mining for elements such as cobalt, lithium, and dysprosium, to name just a few.

Where's all this stuff going to come from? Massive new mining operations. Almost none of it in America, some imported from places hostile to America, and some in places we all want to protect.

Australia's Institute for a Sustainable Future cautions that a global "gold" rush for energy materials will take miners into "…remote wilderness areas [that] have maintained high biodiversity because they haven't yet been disturbed."

And who is doing the mining? Let's just say that they're not all going to be union workers with union protections.

Amnesty International paints a disturbing picture: "The… marketing of state-of-the-art technologies are a stark contrast to the children carrying bags of rocks."

And then the mining itself requires massive amounts of conventional energy, as do the energy-intensive industrial processes needed to refine the materials and then build the wind, solar, and battery hardware.

Then there's the waste. Wind turbines, solar panels, and batteries have a relatively short life; about twenty years. Conventional energy machines, like gas turbines, last twice as long.

With current plans, the International Renewable Energy Agency calculates that by 2050, the disposal of worn-out solar panels will constitute over double the tonnage of all of today's global plastic waste. Worn-out wind turbines and batteries will add millions of tons more waste. It will be a whole new environmental challenge.

Before we launch history's biggest increase in mining, dig up millions of acres in pristine areas, encourage childhood labor, and create epic waste problems, we might want to reconsider our almost inexhaustible supply of hydrocarbons—the fuels that make our marvelous modern world possible.

And technology is making it easier to acquire and cleaner to use them every day.

The following comparisons are typical—and instructive:

It costs about the same to drill one oil well as it does to build one giant wind turbine. And while that turbine generates the energy equivalent of about one barrel of oil per hour, the oil rig produces 10 barrels per hour. It costs less than 50 cents to store a barrel of oil or its equivalent in natural gas. But you need $200 worth of batteries to hold the energy contained in one oil barrel.

Next time someone tells you that wind, solar and batteries are the magical solution for all our energy needs ask them if they have an idea of the cost... to the environment.

"Unobtanium" works fine in the movies. But we don't live in movies. We live in the real world.


The survival of the smartest! 

America looks like coming apart as I write. Remember the British saying

“when America sneezes, Britain catches a cold”.

I took this from a social network, alas the guy has deleted it

so I can't give him credit, I have also tried to Anglicise

it but it is still a little stilted.

I’ve removed many paragraphs concerning guns and body armour

as these aren’t allowed in the UK.

It seems the hatred towards white people is mounting everywhere and that we should not allow ourselves and and our current or future families, friends, businesses, neighbourhoods, churches, and communities to be terrorised, raped, robbed, beaten, burned, kidnapped, looted, tortured, and murdered by all other races like the black South African government-sanctioned evil death squads?

Or if you dare stand up to anti-white hating people, groups, companies, and governments that push genocidal Marxist white demonisation through dog-whistle hate terms like "white privilege", "white supremacy", "white colonialism", "systematic racism", "black lives matter", "white fragility", "whiteness", "toxic male masculinity", and "white guilt" or heaven forbid you use your God-given human right to protect and defend yourself, family, property, and businesses from harm you will be branded an evil white supremacist, conspiracy theorist, bigoted xenophobe, Islamophobe, homophobic, anti-Semitic, racist and/or Nazi.

Straight white men will suffer the most and be further mass purged, laid off, fired, discriminated against, and affirmative action blackballed in the coming NWO, mass censorship, LGBT, anti-white, anti-capitalism, anti-traditional family, anti-straight male, anti-Christian, '1984' western civilization dystopian tyrannical BigTech future.

Homeschool your children, grandchildren, future children or worse case. start with other like-minded families a small faith-based or charter/homeschool co-op.

Blindly sacrificing your children and grandchildren to public and private school cabals is nothing less than severe life altering child abuse and neglect.

You can have a full-time or part-time job or run multiple businesses and still homeschool your kids at the same time.

Real learning and education (not memorisation and brainwashing) does not and should not ever be from 8am-3pm Mon-Fri.

Look for help from local and online tutors, friends, family, or other homeschool network parents to help you spend an average of only three hours per day with your child teaching, exploring, playing, talking, listening, travelling, and learning?

Homeschooling or tribal learning was the only education and learning system for thousands of years and it worked perfectly to push civilization forward through the millennias for a reason.

Studies and surveys show that 78% of all US teachers are now women and about 90% of all public or private school teachers are left-leaning. Probably not much different here in the UK!

Children, especially boys, have no chance in public or private brainwashing Marxist anti-male anti-white pro LGBT feminist schools.

The average TV subscriber spends 37 hours PER WEEK (a full-time job) watching subconscious indoctrinating TV, sports, and movies that decay, distort, pervert, and damage your mind, body, and sense of reality.

And this doesn't include all the wasted time that people pathetically spend watching or renting movies or TV shows on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney, YouTube, channels online, or going to movie theatres.

Not to mention you're directly funding and keeping the people, groups, and corporations that hate you, hate your family, hate your morals, values, and beliefs, and who want to enslave, bankrupt, and kill you and your white founded countries. While you continue to make them rich, influential, famous, and powerful via your severe Stockholm Syndrome and cognitive dissonance on steroid disorders.

Never listen to radio at home, at the gym, in your car, or at work. Only listen to music on your phone.

Stop reading, buyig, visiting, or subscribing to any MSM magazine, blog, website, video channel, podcast, or newspaper. Stop feeding the evil globalist deep state-controlled MSM beast.

Move to a safer area, preferably under 25K population. Get out of living in a big city, with a violent degenerate diversity area.

When the trouble starts, the big city urban and suburb areas will be ghetto or death zones (like right now in the USA) within a few days or weeks.

Vet the towns you want to move to or work in based on crime, political leanings, race, cost of living, and other useful demographics.

Become completely debt-free as soon as you can (no credit card debt or school, business, boat, furniture, appliances, or car loans) with the exception of having a low-interest house mortgage. Always live way below your means and stop trying to impress people with material crap.

Look into buying an easy to use crossbow as these are legal in the UK. However, before buying, ensure if you are older, you have the strength to load it with an arrow. A good one is hard to load.

Start learning and implementing like you and your family’s life depends on it (it does) basic common sense, practical prepping and self-sustainability practices like long term food storage (canning, dehydrating, mylar bags and oxygen absorbers bucketing), home security systems (motion detectors, solar floodlights, alarms).

Build a local militia network, build your own septic and well water system, rainwater collection system, gardening, solar generator systems, drones, outside and open campfire cooking, sewing, hunting, fishing, butchering, trapping, bushcrafting, camping, homesteading, and survivalist tactics, tricks, systems, best practices, and techniques to protect yourself, family, friends, home and pets.

There are thousands of goodprepper, homesteading, farming, and off grid blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels that give hundreds of thousands of hours of free real-world information – these are American but a lot of it can be useful for the UK.

Go get CPR and first aid certified in your local area. It is not too expensive and could save your life, a loved one, or a stranger's life someday soon.

Get a Costco membership because ‘sheepies’ rely on grocery stores, pharmacies, and stores like Tesco and Sainsbury to get food and home necessities that will always run out within around three days when trouble begins.

Warehouses are built for bulk buying while other stores are not (this was COVID scamdemic proven).

Consume hours of information daily (books, ebooks, podcasts, audiobooks, videos, documentaries) that inspires, educates and helps you build a better life for yourself and become a stronger, more intelligent, more successful, more creative, more prepared, and a more formidable dangerously informed human being.

Buy and stockpile actual physical books (not ebooks) and DVD movies because blacklisting, banning, and digital book and movie burnings are already happening in the USA, and erasing your Amazon, Apple, Google Drive content, or computer of all its content is easy to do.

Plus, no electricity equals no access to what's on your computer or electronic devices.

Unplug yourself from the deep state surveillance state the best you can (it's not really possible) by using the Brave and TOR Browsers instead of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Silk (Amazon tablets), or Internet Explorer/Edge.

Delete all your Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL, Apple, Comcast, or other big corporation email accounts and instead only use FREE encrypted email providers like (based in Switzerland so it's outside the 14-eyes and EU) email accounts.

Look into buying an encrypted Purism Librem 5 phone and do not continue using a deep state-controlled Apple or Android-based spying cellphones.

Get webcam covers (3 for $10 on eBay) to put over all your computers, tablets, internet TV, and cellphone cameras. Or just use a small piece of black electrical or duct tape (tape FYI is not good for cellphones I've tried because of all the constant friction and heat of taking your phone out of your pocket) to cover all your device webcams.

Get a non-14 eye (5 eyes + 9 other countries) country located VPN service to cloak your IP address for security and privacy. Price is only around $8-$12/month. Don't use PIA (the most popular one in the USA) or any service located in the USA or in the EU.

Use free encrypted or apps for chat or texting instead of your non-encrypted default unsafe Android or Apple text system and never use Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp or Google Hangouts for personal or political usage.

Install free HTTPS everywhere, Privacy Badger, Ghostery, Decentraleyes, uBlock Origin, Cookie AutoDelete, and Ad Blocker extensions on any internet browser that you use.

Get off all legal Big Pharma toxic death drugs and stop constantly numbing yourself with illegal and legal drugs and excessive booze.

If you're on medication that requires refrigeration (diabetics) you need to go and buy a mini-fridge and an inexpensive portable solar system that can power your mini-fridge long term if your electricity ever goes down for an extended period of time. Also, look into small propane and battery-powered mini fridges as the sun is at a premium in the UK.

You must face and feel your pain and demons, not hide and run away from them with the crutch of addictive Big Pharma or illegal death drugs, and binge boozing and eating.

Stop smoking cigarettes. Dying slowly and painfully from cancer, I promise won't be fun for you or your family.

Try to do some form of exercise daily and eat, buy, and grow yourself (best option) as much organic, fresh, natural, and locally grown food as possible.

Look into raising meat, rabbits, ducks, goats, pheasants, and chickens in your back garden or anywhere on your property and make a large part of your garden as you can for some long term food self-sustainability for you and your family. Not possible in large cities of course! Try lobbying for and creating a large community garden on your block or neighbourhood. Are there any allotments available you can share?

Also, look into taking Vitamin D, Vitamin K group aids blood clotting, Krill Oil (way better than fish oil pills), Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV lower blood sugar levels and more), MCT Oil and organicmeat supplements. I’ve deleted the ones not sold in the UK.

Look into using cryotherapy, hyperbaric chambers, intermediate fasting (14-20 hours per day), fasting (1-5 day fasts), infra-red saunas, colonics, LED light therapy, prolotherapy, Normatec compression therapy, hypnosis, acupuncture, IV drip therapy, stem stell therapy, using rebounders, isolation/float tanks, and PRP or prolotherapy.

Bank with local credit unions not big globalist banks like Barclays, National Westminster, Santander or HSBC.

Join online and offline free and paid coaching,, mentoring, and mastermind groups for whatever type of personal, survival or business interests you want to do, be, or get better at.

Surround yourself with people who have what you want in life or know what you want to learn and master.

Use Vanilla Visa cards (require no real name or address) or crypto when you purchase certain red-flagged books, ebooks, courses, seminars, workshops, (anything about guns, survivalist/prepping, homesteading, off griding, self-defence, anti-government, anti-Big Pharma, anti-BigAG, history), donate money to people and groups.

Get a dog(s) for unconditional love, companionship, affection, and protection. When you're alone you only focus on yourself and 90% of the self-hating, loneliness, pain, and depression comes when you only focus on yourself and your own life.

If you can't have a dog right now because of where you currently live then go and volunteer at a local pet shelter or animal hospital. Puppy love and cuddles is the best love and cuddles! 

Start your own business and video channels, podcasts, websites, forums, and blogs. You have things to say so let the world hear it. A good and easy (plug and play) microphone for podcasting or video voiceover work can be bought for around £40on eBay.

Buy, shop, and eat locally and in your own town as much as you possibly can. I can't stress this enough instead of buying from mega globalist corporations and franchise chains that outsource everything to third world countries. Buy direct from local farmers, neighbours, and people at Farmer's Markets.

Get a good wireless motion-sensing home security system with cameras and solar-powered floodlights.

Buy yourself a second fridge and a chest freezer so you can store and freeze more food, especially meat and veggies in bulk long term.

Get yourself a good military quality gas mask.

Never buy or install Alexa, Google, or Apple Home or Ring or any other interior or exterior Bigtech BigGov tyrannical spying device in your home or office.

Judges have already set the precedence to allow anything you've ever said out loud or ordered that is recorded by all-seeing and hearing devices can and will be used against you in the court of law.

Learn a martial art or boxing, or take a self-defence class of some kind.

Love yourself unconditionally for the biologically born sex, race, and nationality that you are.

Never feel for one second one single ounce of guilt or shame for being born who you are or where you were born.


Are our politics broken? 

Whether in the UK, or the USA, both countries seem to be at war between the left and the right.

At present, both factions tend to decry the othe side as either "far right" or " "Communists/Marxists".

As far as I can see, as long as this continues, we'll' see both factions moving from the middle ground towards "extreme sides".

And with the Scamdemic, there's a further division between the lions and the sheep!

All this does is to cost the country money and makes the poor, poorer.

I was "middle of the road" four years ago in Britain, but since the terrible way politicians have treated a national referendum result, I find myself becoming more extreme. And, now, definitely a LION!

In America, the two sides have become almost unbearable with the Democrats beating up any Republican wearing clothing that only says "Make America Great Again". The worst crimes Republicans have committed are voting for more jobs, less taxes, and this now includes blacks and Hispanos who suddenly find more jobs open to them.

The hatred, in Britain, between the Remainers and Leavers, is ridiculous. A referendum said leave, the later election said leave and the last election was so overwhelming to leave, that hundreds of thousands Labour supporters voted Conservative. But this has done nothing to stop the opposition parties still not wanting to leave as, unbelievably, they actually imagine they are brighter than their voters.

And, the worst is still to come. There are very many leavers who don't trust Boris Johnson to fully take us out. Is he the reasonable face some of us trust who will botch it and say "Sorry, but I tried"?

I will put my cards on the table, I am a Leaver. Not for sovereignty, I am a foreigner to these lands so am not as committed as so many Brits are. It is because I am aware of the precarious financial position of the European Bank, at present being propped up by the Deutsche Bank which, in turn, is also in a precarious financial position!

What really worries me is, if the EU goes bust, all the countries are going to be in a terrible position, and we must be "fully" out by then.

I would love to end with, things may not turn out so bad, but unfortunately it really is as bad as I am saying.

I have visited the EU's three headquarters, Brussels, Strasbourg and their administrative headquarters in Luxembourg throughout each building. I was horrified at the way the EU spends money on their trappings. It can't last. In addition, history has shown that dictatorships never do - last.

Dictatorship? You can't vote for the leaders, you can't vote for the commissioners, and their MEPs are not allowed to make laws. They can only vote for the diktats that the unelected commissioners send through to their "parliament". How can anyone in their right mind call the EU Parliament democratic when they learn of this?

The following is from an article I read on Twitter but have lost the name of the original writer.

"After more than three years of delays and parliamentary games there is a powerful sense of wanting to ‘just get Brexit done’. Feelings of Brexit fatigue have led some Leavers to welcome Boris Johnson’s deal as the best we are likely to get."

This is understandable. But it is a mistake. The Prime Minister’s deal is not a proper Brexit. It is far removed from what 17.4m of us voted for in 2016.

I can only suppose that pro-Brexit MPs backing the deal have not actually read the Withdrawal Agreement (WA) and the important Political Declaration (PD) that goes with it. These make up a new European Treaty that reheats 95 per cent of Theresa May’s deal.

Let’s compare it to what we thought we would get when we voted Leave. If it is passed into law, the PM’s Treaty will mean:Britain remains under EU rules but with no vote, no voice, no veto.

During the Withdrawal Agreement’s extendable ‘transition period’ (which was to last until the end of 2020 and now years longer), we won’t withdraw from the EU at all but become non-voting members. We seem to be trapped in the EU customs union and single market, subject to all existing EU laws and any punitive new ones they might pass (Articles 4.1, 4.2, 6, 41, 95.1, 127). And we’ll be under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) (Arts 4.4, 4.5, 86, 87, 89, 95.3, 131, 158, 163). The difference is we won’t have any say (Arts 7.1, 34). Does that sound like the Brexit you voted for? EU judges can still override many of our laws applying to Northern Ireland. .

The ECJ – a foreign court – governs the Treaty and EU law takes precedence. Future British parliaments may be bound to obey ECJ rulings, and UK judges will be obliged to overturn laws passed by our Parliament if the ECJ says they don’t comply with the Treaty or the EU laws it enables. (Articles 4.4, 4.5, 86, 87, 89, 95.3, 131, 158, 163). In some cases, the ECJ will rule for years even after the transition ends. Does that sound like the Brexit you voted for?

We are finding it hard to control our fishing.

We still won’t be free to trade as we see fit. Look at all the obstacles they are putting in the way.

Boris boasts of leaving the EU customs union. Yet the Political Declaration states any future free trade agreement with the EU must ensure ‘a level playing field’ (PD, para 17, 77) and ‘deep regulatory and customs cooperation’ (para 21). This means sticking to EU rules. It will be hard for the UK to reduce tariff barriers to cut the cost of living and make trade deals with other nations. The PD also requires we pursue ‘ambitious customs objectives that are in line with the Parties’ objectives and principles’ (para 22) – another restrictive EU customs union in all but name. Does that sound like the Brexit you voted for?

We won’t have control of our tax or state aid policies. 

EU law applies to the UK during the transition period (Article 127), and beyond that the Political Declaration obliges the UK to adopt EU rules on state aid rules and ‘relevant tax matters’ (para 77). This all means we can’t change tax rates to be more competitive and can’t assist a strategic industry such as British Steel. Does that sound like the Brexit you voted for?

Britain can’t pursue an independent foreign policy.

The Treaty restricts UK sovereignty by preventing us taking ‘any action likely to conflict with or impede’ EU foreign policy (Article 129.6) – despite having no say in policy making. The UK will be signed up to all EU treaties, including new ones, throughout the transition period, and must ‘refrain… from any action... which is likely to be prejudicial’ to EU interests within international organisations such as the United Nations Security Council and the WTO (Article 129 points 1 and 3).

Does that sound like the Brexit you voted for? The government are very quiet about this!

However, I think Lord Frost is going for broke so, if the EU don’t become more reasonable, we could leave under WTO rules which we are under for the huge amount of trade we now do with America, our Commonwealth, and the rest of the world. That works well for us and, and the EU sell twice as much to us as we do to them, they would hurt if WTO rules were chosen due to EU intransigence. In addition, I think Lord Frost will help strengthen up the will of the Prime Minister.


GCHQ, MI6 & Special Branch working together 

These people can identify anyone’s cellphone number and follow you easily, wherever you go. But what can they do if you turn the machine off?

Quite simply, turning it off makes no difference. Although you have turned off your mobile phone there is still power surging through the cells.

Leaving it at home is a good alternative.

You can always get someone leaving the country to buy a phone and SIM card, and use that. But remember, you have to buy a monthly SIM card only make sure you purchase it for cash at any supermarket.

Then decide where you are going to keep it. Having it turned off at home won’t help. If they have your address they will be able to see a phone mostly in your home, and obtain its number even if turned off.

If you are in a city, such as London, how are you going to get about? Credit card? In London, an Oyster card? Bang, they’ve got you.

And remember, they are not only surveying enemies of our country, they are also watching enemies of our politicians. Those against these lockdowns, those who don’t faithfully believe every idea uttered by our leaders!

Those who know the actual size of a virus, and the holes in any material used for masks, and those who know masks make you breathe back in the dirty muck you've just breathed out from your lungs!

Then there is the iffy business of the vaccination. We hear they put DNA changing drugs in these vaccinations. If they do, what do they change in your DNA?

QANTAS have said you must have a vaccination certificate if you want to fly with them. Now all the airlines are adopting this principle! Will other airlines follow suit? As you see above, they are already! ? And what about trains, buses and taxis? Will you need a certificate to buy a ticket? Will you need a certificate to shop in supermarkets? One way or another, we will be forced to take this dangerous vaccine.

I’m now probably on the GCHQ list – you may also be for reading this!

* The technical literate can now buy a Linux phone, with removable battery and hardwire switches to turn off WiFi and camera, but you still need to be very wary using it. As an aside, did you know Android is Linux based?


A better idea for Foreign Aid! 

Office for Budget Responsibility has informed us that, this year (2021), we are spending in the region of £14,500,000,000, that’s £14.5 billion! There were 66,440,000 (66.4 million) people in the UK in 2018 so I’ll now use this combination of figures: That’s over £218 per person (not families – but includes individual children and babies)

Many years ago, one of the national newspapers printed a long article about how many of the countries have acquired private jets, helicopters, homes in Monaco, large Mercedes limousines and equipped their armies with weapons designed to put down insurrection.

I don’t think this is right. There must be a better way and I wonder whether the following would work.

Many of my readers think the only aid we give should be disaster aid. And they have an excellent point. However, the following idea is shown on the assumption that we need to wean African and Eastern leaders off the Chinese and Russian aid. They put conditions on their aid, we don’t, so I think we should start thinking along these lines.

Russian and Chinese aid is used as bribes to adhere to their will. I really don’t want to go down that path – well, not completely.

We should give our aid and say these leaders can do what they want with their money. If they want limousines. Fine, but they must be bought in Britain and made, or at least assembled, in Britain. They can still have their Mercedes, as long as they have given us jobs by assembling them in Britain. If that were the rule, the German company would soon open a factory here – there are a lot of African and Eastern leaders around! We manufacture parts for Airbus and I believe Boeing. They’ll soon include their private jets if that was the rule!

Furthermore, we give them credits and not money, so we know they have to spend our money in our country. And, we should put in the public domain, how much each country gets and what they spend their credits on. Hopefully, it may curb their excesses, but I am not holding my breath! Perhaps our government should buy shares in Harrods!

If they want to build a dam or huge factory complexes, they use British parts and British engineers. More employment for our engineers.

I am sure there will be many who say, this can’t be done, and others saying it’s not fair! Two points here are:

Where there is a will, there is always a way!

We have to be fair to taxpayers in Britain, this is their money!

My articles are not meant to be a ‘be all and end all’ but to get people thinking. This is not meant to be an end result.


Prager University aka PragerU 

his is a university with a difference. It has no campus and no students. What does it have? It has videos. If you subscribe to their website (free) you are notified of their short five minute videos. Alternatively, you can view them on YouTube - providing fake news haven't had them taken off - or you can download their app.

They have a team of 250 people, all over the world, willing to make these regular five minute videos. Many are experts in the field the videos address. Each video covers just one subject.

Then they have Candace Owen, a bright sparkling African-American girl who has won the heart of the son of a British Life Peer, Lord Farmer. She is good and she interviews well known people. Her interviews take just over twenty minutes, and the most hilarious one was when she interviewed her new husband. But, normally, she views experts in different fields of interest. As an aside, I’d have proposed if I were fifty years younger and single!

Every Friday there are the fireside chats, where the founder, Denis Prager – a no nonsense Jew - imparts his wisdom, and views on different matters, and answers his viewers questions afterwards. He is in his armchair in front of a roaring fire (electric) with his rather overweight bulldog Otto, by his feet. All very homely. His shows are all unscripted, and they are my favourite half hour. I never miss a single one. So far he's never missed a week and has passed 210 at the time of writing. And, you've just got to see "Megan's arm"!

They’ve a Book Club podcast, and the first was on Viktor Frankl on “Man’s search for meaning” and has encouraged me to buy the book.

My advice if this interests you, is to start off with the five minute videos and, after you have seen a few, start watching the Fireside Chats.

PragerU is an American company, founded in 2009, relying entirely on donations. Even so, they still manage to spend $10M a year – with 40% of that on marketing. Americans know about marketing! In the early days, he got some pretty large donations from various family foundations who wanted to help.

PragerU is heavily criticised by the American Left as being a fascist right wing organisation but I am reminded of a famous phrase Mandy Rice-Davies once said at the time of the Profuma affair, about Lord Astor. :

“Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he!”.


Emily Hobhouse

Although she was a British citizen, Emily Hobhouse has become an honorary South African through her selfless and courageous actions, which exposed the inhumanity of concentration camps during the Anglo-Boer war (1899 - 1902). She was born the 9th of April, 1860 and raised in the tiny village of St. Ives near Liskeard in East Cornwall. Her father was rector of the Anglican church for fifty-one years.

In 1876 Emily was sent to a finishing school in London but as there was no money she did not complete her schooling. She was, however, able to get some music and painting lessons in Liskeard. By the time Emily was twenty her mother died. For fourteen years Emily took care of her father who was often unwell. She occasionally visited her uncle, Arthur, Lord Hobhouse who had a seat in the House of Lords. Her father died in January 1895 after a painful illness.

She started to work in the Women´s Industrial Committee, becoming very familiar with methods of investigating needs on a large scale. When the war between Britain and South Africa broke out in October 1899, she was invited to join the South African Conciliation Committee. Her work as secretary was to organise meetings such as the women´s protest meeting in London on 13 June 1900.

"It was late in the summer of 1900", Emily later wrote, "that I first learnt of the hundreds of Boer women that became impoverished and were left ragged by our military operations… the poor women who were being driven from pillar to post, needed protection and organised assistance." The result of this was that she obtained permission from the government to start a non-political, non-sectarian South African Women and Children´s Distress fund "on the broad basis of pure and simple benevolence towards those deprived of hearth and home by the war" be they Boer or British. A national committee was formed, money was appealed for and subscriptions sought from all over the country. Only then did she announce to her family that she intended to go to South Africa and supervise the distribution of the fund.

She landed at Cape Town on 27 December 1900. When she left England, she only knew about the camp at Port Elizabeth, but on arrival in Cape Town she soon learnt of large camps in Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Potchefstroom, Norvalspont, Kroonstad, Irene and other places.

South Africa was a country totally unknown to her; she could not speak a word of Afrikaans. Conscious of the fact, however, that suffering and affliction can understand the language of love, she immediately applied for permission to visit the concentration camps with the object of making personal contact with the women in the camps. However, all this was subject to the approval of Lord Kitchener. His answer, when it finally arrived after two weeks, was disappointing. He granted her permission to proceed as far as Bloemfontein, but definitely no further. She was bitterly disappointed as she was extremely anxious to visit the camps in Transvaal.

She accepted Lord Kitchener's restricted permission, cherishing a secret hope that she would have an opportunity at a later stage to visit the camps further north. She left Cape Town on 22 January 1901, and arrived at Bloemfontein on the 24th. The camp was two miles from the town "dumped down" as Emily put it, "on the southern slope of a kopje (small hill) right out on the bare brown veld." When she arrived in the camp Emily immediately started looking in the maze of tents for a Mrs Philip Botha, whose sister she had met in Cape Town. She tracked down Mrs Botha and in her tent she finally met the women she had come to help. They told her their stories " and we cried together and even laughed together and chatted bad Dutch and bad English all afternoon."

There were then almost two thousand people living in the Bloemfontein camp: the majority were women and children (over nine hundred children alone), with a few surrendered men known as "hands-uppers." She had come with the object of providing an extra comfort or amenity or garment here and there, such articles as could not be expected to be provided by the authorities, "but I soon found out", she wrote, "that there was a scarcity of essential provisions. The accommodation was wholly inadequate. When the eight, ten or twelve people who lived in the bell tent were squeezed into it to find shelter against the heat of the sun, the dust or the rain, there was no room to stir and the air in the tent was beyond description, even though the flaps were rolled up properly and fastened. Soap was an article that was not dispensed. The water supply was inadequate. No bedstead or mattress was procurable. Fuel was scarce and had to be collected from the green bushes on the slopes of the kopjes by the people themselves. The rations were extremely meagre and when, as I frequently experienced, the actual quantity dispensed fell short of the amount prescribed, it simply meant famine."

What most distressed the women were the sufferings of their undernourished children. Sicknesses such as measles, bronchitis, pneumonia, dysentry and typhoid had already invaded the camp with fatal results. There were very few tents who did not house one or more sick persons, most of them children. Shocked by the suffering and too evident lack of means and material to improve them brought about feelings of almost complete hopelessness. "My own little fund was not calculated to provide such primal necessities as a water supply, tents, fuel and such things of huge cost. Without these things relief was hardly more than a thing of mockery", she wrote.

When she requested soap for the people, she was told, "soap is an article of luxury". She nevertheless succeeded, after a struggle, to have it listed as a necessity, together with straw, more tents and more kettles in which to boil the drinking water. She also applied for the appointment of a matron and additional nurses and medical equipment for the camp. She distributed clothes and supplied pregnant women, who had to sleep on the ground, with mattresses.

When she returned to Bloemfontein the scorched-earth policy of the military authorities during March and April, brought a large number of extra families into the camps which resulted in a considerable increase in their population. " In many instances I was an eyewitness of what took place", she wrote.

"I saw families huddled up close to the railway line near Warrenton and Fourteen Streams. I saw an overcrowded train crawling along to Kimberley throughout a whole long night. I saw people, old and young, bundled in open trucks under a scorching sun near a station building without anything to eat. At midnight they were transported to empty tents where they groped about in the dark, looking for their little bundles. They went to sleep without any provision having been made for them and without anything to eat or to drink. I saw crowds of them along railway lines in bitterly cold weather, in pouring rain - hungry, sick, dying and dead.

"My first visit to the Bloemfontein camp after the lapse of some weeks", she continued, "was a great shock to me. The population had redoubled and had swallowed up the results of improvements that had been effected. Disease was on the increase and the sight of the people made the impression of utter misery. Illness and death had left their marks on the faces of the inhabitants. Many that I had left hale and hearty, of good appearance and physically fit, had undergone such a change that I could hardly recognise them."

The appalling increase in illness and death and the fact that the military authorities did not listen to her pleas, led to a decision to return to England. She hoped that once there she would be able to persuade the Government as well as the public to make an end to the conditions of misery and distress that she had witnessed. She felt convinced that if the unvarnished truth had to become known in England, such a wave of indignation would sweep the whole country that it would soon have the desired effect in South Africa.

She once more made an attempt to visit the camp in Kroonstad before her departure. Kitchener however, remained adamant, and she failed to obtain the necessary permission from the High Commissioner. She was also informed by the administrator of the Orange River Colony, Major Hamilton Goold-Adams, that complaints had been lodged that she showed "too much personal sympathy" when she distributed gifts. "In amazement I replied", she said afterwards, "that that was the precise reason why I came out - to show personal sympathy and to render assistance in cases of personal afflictions."

It had become clear to her that adequate assistance could only be derived from England, that it had to be done on a large scale and that it had to come immediately and at any price. She therefore submitted a request to the Minister of War shortly after her arrival in England. The revelations were made known to the public fourteen days later, and directed the attention of the public to the concentration camps. The debate on the report in the Houses of Parliament, was extremely disappointing. "The picture of apathy and impatience displayed here", she wrote afterwards, "which refused to lend an ear to undeserved misery, contrasted sadly with the scenes of misery in South Africa, still fresh in my mind. No barbarity in South Africa was as severe as the bleak cruelty of an apathetic parliament."

Despite fierce opposition from newspapers supporting the Government´s stance, Emily continued pleading the cause of the women and children in far-off South Africa. Day after day, she addressed meetings, pleading their cause. Many meetings were disrupted by her adversaries but in many respects, her objects were attained. More funds were made available by friends and eventually the Government was compelled to appoint a ladies' committee that would visit the camps in South Africa.

Emily Hobhouse was not included in the committee. The Committee published its findings in February, 1902, and although Emily thought it "fairly superficial", since the Committee seldom spent more than two days at the most, in a camp, it nevertheless repeated facts revealed in her report and effected important improvements.

In October 1901 she decided to resume her work in South Africa. She failed, however, to obtain permission to visit the camps and therefore decided to try and make contact with the large number of destitute women and children who had in some way or other landed in the coastal towns of the Cape Province. Endowed with means put at her disposal by the various funds in England, she steamed into Table Bay on Sunday, 27 October 1901.

To her greatest amazement and consternation, she was not allowed to land. For five days she was held a prisoner under strict surveillance in the harbour of Cape Town before she was deported. Her health was already failing when she left England. The disappointment caused by her reception in Cape Town came as a great shock to her and completely drained her strength. No definite charge could be laid against her and she failed to ascertain the reason why she, an English subject, was not allowed to land in an English Colony.

She retired to the mountains of Savoy in the south of France to recuperate and and it was there that she heard news that the Peace of Vereeniging had been signed and that the Boers had lost their independence. For two months after the news of the peace treaty had been received, Emily Hobhouse could not find any consolation. It was only after she had met the Boer generals and had learnt from them that the distress of the women and children in the concentration camps had contributed to their final resolution that her grief was displaced by admiration.

"I was so deeply moved that I sat sobbing like a child for a considerable time, for it appeared to me that all that we also fought for, had been lost. I had no knowledge of any details and could only hope that the men who, throughout the whole struggle, showed such clear insight into all matters bearing upon the war, would have retained that ability up to the end. And that is what happened. Now that I know the facts, I feel consoled. By surrendering everything, they will gain everything."

She saw it as her mission to assist in healing the wounds inflicted by the war and to support every effort aimed at rehabilitation and reconciliation. She took up her plan, studying lace-making, spinning and weaving in Europe and Ireland. Emily and two helpers then went to South Africa in 1905, equipped with the required apparatus to teach the women the art of spinning and weaving. The first spinning and weaving school was set up at Philippolis in the Free and eventually 27 schools were established all over the country. By giving instruction personally for more than three years, she carried out the task she had set herself. However, the climate proved detrimental to her health and in 1908 she was forced to return to England.

The unveiling of the Women's Monument at Bloemfontein took place on 16 December 1913. President Steyn approached Emily Hobhouse with the request to unveil the monument. Although she was in a very poor state of health, she did not hesitate and proceeded to South Africa. She was unfortunately too weak to complete her journey to Bloemfontein, but had to break it at Beaufort-West and turn back. It was from Beaufort-West that she sent her message to be read to the large assembly where Mrs. Steyn acted as her deputy.

The First World War also cast a dark shadow over her life. Wherever she could, she raised her voice in protest against the War. When, at the conclusion of the war, she again heard - this time from central Europe - the cry of distress coming from starving women and children, she once again and, notwithstanding bad health, devoted herself to bringing relief to the destitute. Through her actions, tens of thousands of women and children were fed daily for more than a year. Mindful of her own past, South Africa also contributed liberally towards this effort. An amount of more than seventeen thousand pounds, collected by Mrs. President Steyn, was sent to Emily for this purpose.

Her fervent interest in humanity and the struggle for truth and justice continued unabated. The conditions in Europe and in her own country, made her sometimes call out in desperation: "Truth for ever on the scaffold. Wrong for ever on the throne!"

That her own nation misinterpreted her actions and motives during the Anglo-Boer War remained a bitter pill to her up to the end of her life. On 1 May 1926 she wrote: "My work in the concentration camps in South Africa made almost all my people look down upon me with scorn and derision. The press abused me, branded me a rebel, a liar, an enemy of my people, called me hysterical and even worse. One or two newspapers, for example the Manchester Guardian, tried to defend me, but it was an unequal struggle with the result that the mass of the people was brought under an impression about me that was entirely false. I was ostracised. When my name was mentioned, people turned their backs on me. This has now continued for many years and I had to forfeit many a friend of my youth".

The love and esteem bestowed on her by the South African nation remained a sweet drop in her cup of bitterness up to the end of her life. Without her knowledge and on the initiative of Mrs. Steyn, a sum of £2,300 was collected for her by means of half-a-crown collection lists in 1921. This money was sent to her with the explicit mandate that she had to buy a small house for herself somewhere along the coast of Cornwall, where she longed to be. Her financial position was such that she had to forego essential amenities. With the means at her disposal she could now consider purchasing a house.

On May, 1921, she wrote: "I find it impossible to give expression to the feelings that overpowered me when I heard of the surprise you had prepared for me. My first impulse was not to accept any gift, or otherwise to devote it to some or other public end. But after having read and reread your letter, I have decided to accept your gift in the same simple and loving spirit in which it was sent to me." She purchased a house at St. Ives in Cornwall, from where she wrote many a letter in which she expressed her gratitude and appreciation.

Tibbie Steyn always arranged to send to Emily, on her birthday, a consignment of Orange Free State canned fruit, preserves, biltong (dried meat) and other delicacies. This gift was a great source of pleasure to her and she was very proud of it. She seldom received a guest who was not persuaded to taste some of the South African products.

Her bodily strength was gradually ebbing. She had realised months before that her end could not be far off and often yearned for it passionately. Although her last letters continued to bear proof of her interest in mankind and in human affairs, they nevertheless bore unmistakable evidence that she was preparing for her departure to the next world.

On 23rd May, 1926, she wrote from the Isle of Wight, that her soul was full of the music of the song she learnt in her youth in Cornwall.

Before that letter reached South Africa, she died of pleurisy, cardiac degeneration and some internal form of cancer. There was a burial service in London, but her ashes found a final resting place in a niche at the Women´s Memorial at Bloemfontein on 26 October 1926.

"We in England are still dunces in the great world-school; our leaders are still struggling with the unlearned lesson that liberty is the equal right and heritage of every child of man, without the distinction of race, colour or sex." - words of wisdom by Emily Hobhouse.


South Africa established a submarine service in 1970.

Maria Van Riebeeck (Daphne) class coastal submarines South Africa's first submarine, SAS Maria Van Riebeeck was launched at Nantes, France by Mrs Elize Botha, wife of then Hon. Minister of Defence, Mr P.W. Botha, on the 18 March 1969. SAS Maria Van Riebeeck arrived in Simon's Town on the 13th May 1971 under the command of Cdr J.A.C. Weideman.

The second submarine, SAS Emily Hobhouse (Lt Cdr Woodburne) named after the Englishwoman who tried so valiantly to help Boer women and children in British concentration camps, arrived 7 months later on the 10th December 1971,.

This was followed by SAS Johanna Van Der Merve (Lt Cdr T.J. Honiball) on the 19th June1972 . The three submarines supported by the base, SAS Hogu Biermann, form the submarine flotilla, which fulfills a vital role in the defence of the Republic of South Africa. 


Who are these 22nd Century White Rose people? 

Who are these mysterious White Rose people? 

First of all. Who or What is Telegram?

Telegram is one of the fastest growing apps on the Internet – to date well over 600 million users all over the world – a sort of WhatsApp but 100% more secure – with an offer of $300,000 to anyone who can crack their user list. It is on Android, iPhone, and even the old Winphone! On a desktop it is on Windows, Apple’s iOS and Linux.

Now about the White Rose. The organisation started as recently as November last year (2020). Because they are anti Lockdown, which is ruining the structure of their countries, and have a healthy suspicion of the Corona Virus vaccination, the White Rose organisers do not keep a list of members, they don’t even ask you for your name – and certainly not any contact details in case the authorities demand information of members!

In a short time they have got branches in:


Adelaide -

Brisbane -

Melbourne -

Newcastle/Hunter -

NSW, Northern -

Perth -


Tirol -


Belgium (National group) -


Canada (National group) -

Alberta -

British Columbia -

Newfoundland -

Ontario -

Québec -

Saskatchewan -


Finland (National group) -


France (National group) -


Germany (National group) -


India (National group) -


Dublin -

Midlands -


Israel (National group) -


Italy (National group) -


Lithuania (National group) -


Netherlands (National channel) -

Netherlands (National group) -


New Zealand (National group) -


Poland (National group) -


Romania (National group) -


South Africa (National group) -


Spain (National group) -


Skåne -

Umeå -


Switzerland (National group) -


Bedfordshire -

Berkshire -

Berwick-upon-Tweed -

Bristol -

Cambridgeshire -

County Durham -

Devon -

Dorset -

Essex -

Gloucestershire -

Hampshire -

Hertfordshire -

Isle of Wight -

Kent -

Leicester -

London, East -

Andrew Ampers Taylor

Dorset -

Essex -

Gloucestershire -

Hampshire -

Hertfordshire -

Isle of Wight -

Kent -

Leicester -

London, East -

London, North -

London, South -

London, South East -

London, West -

Manchester -

Merseyside -

Midlands, East -

Midlands, West -

Norfolk -

Northamptonshire -

Northern Ireland -

Nottinghamshire -

Oxfordshire -

Scotland, Edinburgh & Lothians -

Scotland, Northern -

Somerset -

Suffolk -

Surrey -

Sussex, East -

Sussex, West -

Tyneside, North -

Wales, South -

Yorkshire, North -

Yorkshire, South -

Yorkshire, West -


Alabama -

Arizona -

Asheville, North Carolina -

California, Bay Area -

California, Los Angeles -

California, Southern -

Colorado -

Detroit -

East Texas -

Florida, Central -

Florida, Miami -

Florida, North East -

Florida, Tampa Bay -

Indiana -

Illinois -

Illinois, Southern -

Kansas -

Louisiana -

Minnesota -

Nevada -

New England -

New Hampshire -

New Jersey -

New York -

North Georgia -

Ohio -

Oregon -

Pennsylvania -

South Carolina -

Washington (state) -

Western Washington -

Western North Carolina -

Wisconsin -

West Virginia -

***Above list as at 1st May 2021 – already probably out of date.

emember, this enormous growth is around a year old. And, the White Rose is growing daily. There is now a small film company making films of the London marches on Telegram – they are called Oracle Films, search for it. They filmed the 250,000 people march last April in London [I was there] and they’ll be filming marches all over Europe as more and more people get angrier.

Long before I had heard of the White Rose, I contacted everyone I knew and told them to look at my channel, @AceMedical on Telegram for the truth about CoVid-19 and lost over 60% of my address book. Not as disastrous as it sounds as I really didn’t want to mix with people I think of as “Sheep”.

The members of the White Rose are all savvy people – I like to think of them as the ones who can smell the coffee! I am replacing the hole in my address-book on a daily basis!

There are many groups about lockdowns, Covid-19 and the way we are being treated on Telegram. These groups would be deleted on any other social media website. Just search for them.


How to build a world wide organisation, secretly!

The Government ignore all our petitions with mealy-mouthed responses. As far as they are concerned, these are a nuisance, but a useful way for the population to let off steam.

The British people, the English in particular, have lost their “thrust” from the old colonial days of Nelson and Wellington.

We are now far better off, and comfortable, and dying for one’s country is only an option for the very few.

The globalists are winning. It is looking more and more unlikely that we will be free of the European Union. We have a Prime Minister who is either still a staunch remainer, or has no idea of how to negotiate, or has no courage. Some may well think it is all three!

The idea behind globalism and the New World Order is to have One World Government. Once this happens, there will never be any elections, and whatever country you decide to move to, you will be under the same government. You will be trapped. Whatever you may earn, the taxes will be crippling as they will need to keep the workers poor so they don’t fight. If they do show spirit and start to organise, the governments‘s thugs will find them and kill them. No mercy will be shown.

So we must become organised. Now, before the damage is done.

If we make a big show of this, then we will be infiltrated before we even get off the ground.

One person only should start this, and run it for the first year. He or she should enrol only friends and acquaintances after sounding them out thoroughly. Nothing should be mentioned on social media. Then each friend and aquaintance should approach other friends and acquaintances, sound them out, and enrol them. Every member should be extremely well known to at least one other member.

A database should be kept of the membership showing a full tree of dependences. Not on computer, but a tablet with the WiFi disabled and no phone line, then stored in a lead box if you must.

Members should come from both the left, and the right, but not extremists of either left or right.

These members should be of people who love their country, love their history, and feel disilusioned at they way our system is deteriorating.

A Civil Service which has become politicalised

Qangos costing huge amounts but jobs for the boys (and girls)

The way we spend our foreign aid budgets

A House of Lords which is destroying the Government's will.

A politicalised Local Government which should be there to assist residents and business not an additional arm of government

A House of Commons which betrays the wishes of the people

International Conglomerates which suck Britain dry

I could go on, but unfortunately the list is endless so these should be enough to get on with.

After the first year, where members sole role should be (a) to sound out promising new members, and (b) to gather information in articles, and Hansard, for future ammunition. The group needs to take stock and decide, on the strength of membership, exactly what can be done to start to alter the status quo.

Everyone should recruit two people in their first week and even if they never do more afterwards, in seven days we will have 256 members and in 14 days we would have nearly 33,000 members.

If each member just found one piece of useful information, that would be 33,000 pieces of ammunition. Naturally it would take a little longer than this, but I see no reason why it shouldn’t be over 50,000 strong in the first year.

However, in the early days it might be useful to avoid recruiting people who could be disrupting to an embroyo organisation, such as ours, finding it’s feet.

Avoid members and voters of both the Liberal Democrats and the Greens who are pro Britain losing its sovereignty

Treat with suspicion card carrying members and fervent voters of the Labour Party and the Conservatives

UKIP have infiltrators, especially at the top. Treat members who joined within the last ten years with a healthy suspicion

Avoid Civil Servants, NGOs, Qangos and other Government backed organisation staff, or be very careful unless they are in a lowly position

Avoid managers and above of all large SMEs and all Corporates

Never tell anyone you are a member of the group, even when you are sounding people out. Questions to ask when sounding people out are

You could start sounding out friends, relations and close contacts with questions such as:

Were and are you, still pro Brexit? If yes...

Do you think our politicians will honour our wish? If no...

Who do you think is behind our failure (If EU, Soros, NWO, Common Purpose, our politicians, Globalists or similar), then:

What can the ordinary person do about this?

Based on their last answer, perhaps with a little prompting from you, see if they are the sort of person who might risk a little to save our country. However, do not mention this new organisation for at least 48 hours whilst you reflect on their position.

Before approaching for the second visit, mention you’ve heard of an organistion of pro British people and ask whether we (you and your prospect) should try and approach them. If they are interested, go away and wait at least another 48 hours and meet them again and tell them about this.

But before you can recruit, you have to be recruited yourself.

Finally, I haven’t the resourses to start such an organisation myself and it might be years before one of my friends joined and then approached me.

I would appreciate any ideas you may have on this so, I implore you, to share your thoughts and ideas with me at with a heading “We need to get organised”.

Someone with a little money to spare might decide to do something along these lines. But if so, don’t approach me so I can say under duress! “I know nothings”


You can find a needle in a haystack! 

Two apps for finding, (the first) for people, (the second) for locations and premises.

I am involved with a pressure group (literally millions in branches throughout the world) and we constantly need to go to new meeting places. We also need to contact our group which may be swallowed up in a huge crowd oHow to build a world wide organisation, secretly!f thousands, even tens of thousands - and more recently millions.


This is an ideal app on both the iPhone and Android.

There was a big March on the 28th August 2021 in London (UK) by Telegram's White Rose Organisation and others. Only one person needs to have the app on their phone. They send an email to the other party who can follow each others whereabouts on the same map through a link. The guy with the app told me two people in White Rose he'd never met managed to make contact in the huge march.

The beauty of this program is that if both people are moving, for example on a walk or on a march, the arrows on the map move as you and the other person moves. There's no way you can miss each other, unless the other guy was mugged for his phone! (There were 750,000 estimated marchers!)

A good point, where this app scores on those family apps who now know where everyone is all the time, is that the instigator can decide how long the other can see his whereabouts for any length of time between five minutes and 12 hours. Then there is nothing, the link has ended.

Glympse also has a tag option. Supposing you have a group twenty strong joining a march of a million people. Send a tag to a website or all of their email addresses, all twenty can observe the position of the tagger in the march and make there way to the tagger.

Another example. My wife and I were meeting at a strange town. Getting there from different parts of the country. Trains arrive at different times. My wife got there first, and when I arrived, she was wandering up and down the local shops spending my money. I traced her well before she could bankrupt me.


This is a remarkable British app also on the iPhone and Android, although the desktop version is not free, but used by large public and international companies (the list of some of these companies are shown on the app) Using the app on your mobile phone is free of charge and everything below is available for free.

This company has divided the entire planet into squares, three metres by three metres. Each tiny square can be accessed by only three words.

As an example, I spent 1 childhood at: ///admires.figure.maps - six thousand miles from London! Enter this into Google Maps (yes - they use it too} and you will see. Use dark mode as it is clearer. [Not now working on Google maps. Hopefully temporary]

Suppose you wanted to meet in a huge building with half a dozen entrances, you can guide your contact right up to the entrance door you want him to enter by.

My favourite 'independent' coffee house is at ///extend.tested.noon - but, for example, if you type it incorrectly, instead of Finchley, London, you may find yourself in the middle of the Sahara Desert!

They still have a lot of work to do on the free app, but they have a paid desktop version for big business so I guess that has priority.

When using the Google Maps search box, don't forget to type the /// first before the three words.

These two apps are useful, especially if you and your contacts like to explore and meet in different places.

17 Mar 2022

Council Elections there must be a better way! 

I know people on both sides of the divide at General Elections generally vote for one of the main parties, not because they like them, but to stop a party they like even less.

But there’s a good reason to treat council elections differently. Especially if you are a little tired of the same old, same old, same old!

Why not think of Council Elections as a training ground for smaller parties?

Council elections are often considered a good training ground for General Elections where the brightest are picked to stand as Members of Parliament

Why not choose an able youg hopeful from a smaller party? If they do exceptionally well, they may eventually have a chance to become an MP.

Those reading this will come up with various excuses such as, my party is the best there is (Really? Would that be the Tories, Labour or LibDems?)…

Other excuses may be, we like the two party system (Really? Exactly what has that done for the country during the last fifty years?} ... ... …

So, at the next council election, at least read the manifestos of the more promising of all the smaller parties. This is something the writer does and has never voted for the four larger parties at any council election!

Remember, these are council elections, they are not General Elections. Mind you, I have never voted for the main parties at any time since the 1980s - in any election!