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Saturday, 5 January 2019

Who is the new "kid on the block"?

No more posts to this blog for the future.

I am totally fed up and disillusioned with the censored social media, particularly Twitter, Google, Facebook etc
There is a new kid on the block, and it is a cross between Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Instagram Youtube - possibly a few others as well.

It's called and, believe it or not, it is at

You get tokens (points) for each time you log on, and for each interaction you make. You can change these tokens into money tokens at a crypto-coin company called Ethereum. If you are starting out on Minds, you can purchase tokens at a low cost from Ethereum. You can use these tokens to boost the people who might see your posts. For example, half a token will put your post into 500 people's downline, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll see it!

There's an old saying. You must speculate to accumulate. So if you invest a couple of pounds you will get enough tokens to get your new membership of Minds off to a good start. Then you can earn tokens (and exchange them for money) as more people come to your group.

Paul Joseph Watson, Sargon of Akkroid, Dr Steve Turley and many other well known Twitterers (and YouTubers) are on Minds.

Come and join us. My new Group is called Andrew Ampers Taylor and I'll try to help you get to know how to navigate. But I'm still learning myself. There are also Android and iPhone apps, but they need to have more work done on them, as well as the website! But it is improving all the time. 
The CEO has a Group and you can always ask him for help.

See you there.


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