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Sunday, 12 August 2018

What will happen with the Boris Johnson investigation by the Prime Minister?

Boris should not, in my view, and in the view of hunbdreds of thousannds of Tory Voters, apologise. After all, back in 2013, a Moslem woman journalist compared the Hijab to a post box, in an article in the Guardian.

Some people are saying May is going to push for a suspension, long enough for her to hold a leadership contest without him. She hates him so much, she’d rather run the risk of losing – rather than losing to him.

However, this will infuriate the Tory voters so much than members will withold their membership fee by leaviing and rather than vote for the Conservatives vote for the new crop of Brexit parties starting up, or even join and vote for UKIP.

If she decides that is too risky, she may just suspend him and carry one, or find some other punishment for him. But, as he is now a back-bencher, her choices are rather limited.

Mrs May is not a fool and she is not as stupid as many imaging. Everything is calculated to keep us into the EU in such a way that a future PM needs only a tiny tweak to make us full members again.

I think there is only one question to ask the Tory party and that is; “How many of your MPs, including Cabinet Members, are accepting bribes from the George Sorus organisation, the EU, or the bankers (Morgan, Rockafeller or Rothchild) to keep us in the EU”?

I’m off to China soon for a few weeks, so it seems appropriate to mention a Chinese curse here: “May you live in interesting times”.

Dear reader, we are living in those interesting times!”


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