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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

We are living in very dangerous times.

We are also living in extremely troubled times

What twitter is doing borders on criminality. They are stifling debate by Republicans, in the US, prior to their mid-term elections, but allow the Democrats free reign to not only debate their policies but to attack the Republican’s with impunity.

Then they have collectively banned Infowars, a large thorn in the side of the Democrats, from publishing their stories on four major outlets, including Google, Apple and Facebook.

Twitter are shadow-banning thousands of people who are on the right, but allow the left to rave and insult with impunity. A black girl, going into politics for Republicans was recently banned for a day for simply changing an insulting tweet against whites by repeating the tweet changing whites to blacks. She was banned but the other black woman was allowed to insult freely.

Twitter is also attacking right wing thinkers in the UK.

Many of us have additional accounts with, and Minds which allow more free reign. Neither is quite as good as Twitter but I have high hopes for Minds as it is opensource and is owned by its users.

There is a concerted attack by the establishment against normal free-thinking Anglo-Saxons. They are terrified of us. They’ve seen what we can do from the past (remember when three-quarters of the world was coloured red on a map? Red for England). This is one reason why I wanted the Scots to have their independence, with the hope that Wales and Northern Ireland would follow.

England would always be on the right, we are more independent than most races, free thinkers and like to do our own thing.
English MPs:

Conservative:         296 – 55.534%
Labour                   228
Liberal Democrats     8
Greens                       1
We are living in troubled times. Families such as JP Morgan, Rothchilds and the Rockefellers, George Soros and many other billionnaires are fighting for a world government so that they can control the entire planet, making sure there is nowhere to hide. One of their weapons where they try to attract others to their way of thinking is through the Bilderberg Group which is used to discuss future plans for achieving their purpose.

The EU is part of their plans. A stage after the EU has consolidated with all of Europe in their clutches, they have plans for the USA and the EU to join forces. Britain is essential for them as they will be able to exert pressure on the Commonwealth. This paragraph has been put together simply because a journalist after one Bilderberg meeting found a scribbled note with the map of the USA with the stars changed to the EU circle. So it is tenuous and I will understand if you would rather disregard it.

The time is rapidly approaching where we may have to make a stand. If we do nothing but write comments on Facebook or Twitter, then we will lose. We need to take action.

I am not a lover of the Far Right. However, I am a firm believer that Tommy Robinson has realised his mistake of aligning himself with, and leading, the EDL He has become more central right. Not a lot but enough for me to feel a little more at ease following him
Positions are lost by the timid who do nothing.
Positions are lost by those that follow the crowd.
Positions are lost by those ignoring politics.
And positions are also lost by voting for a party because your parents voted for them, and their parents before them. The time has come to start thinking for yourselves. Or taking anything a politician tells you at face value. Check everything they tell you.


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