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Thursday, 9 August 2018

The Burka kerfuffle with Boris Johnson

The Moslem Burka

What a lot of hooha about Boris Johnson’s comments! The Burka or Hijab is a garment aimed either of Moslem men subjecting their women to torment or as a weapon to terrorise the inhabitants of Europe and America. There is a third reason which I will devote a whole paragraph to later.

Why do I say “ subjecting their women to torment”? This is because the garment is either black or in the case of the Hijab, darkish blue. In the sun, these clothes contain the heat and the woman suffers much more than their menfolk who wear lighter clothing to reflect the sun.

Why do I say “ a weapon to terrorise the inhabitants of Europe”? This is simple, many, including myself, see these people and wonder if they are wearing a suicide vest under the cloak. Or even that it may be a man hiding a Kalashnikov under the cloak.

The third reason is quite illuminating. It is not only well known, but obvious in Europe that Moslem men cannot keep “it” in their pants and many of them indulge in their favourite passtime, rape. Wiser women wear these garments so as not to excite Moslem men in their company, or even Moslem strangers walking down the street.

Many Moslem countries are now banning the facce covering garments, it is not only the west who are keen to;

Banning the burqa

Why more countries are outlawing the full-face veil
LAST June, a few months after Chadian forces had crossed into Nigeria to fight the Islamist insurgents of Boko Haram, two suicide-bombers detonated their belts in N’Djamena, Chad’s capital, killing more than 30 people. Two days later Chad’s government banned the wearing of the burqa, the Muslim woman’s covering that hides even the eyes. Henceforth, said the prime minister, security forces could “go into the markets… seize all the burqas on sale and burn them”. Those spotted in such “camouflage” would be “arrested, tried and sentenced after summary proceedings.” Heavy-handed as that sounds, several other sub-Saharan governments have followed suit. A month after Chad’s ban, Cameroon did the same in its northernmost region following suicide-bombings by people clad in burqas. Now the ban has been extended to five of Cameroon’s ten provinces, including its two biggest cities. Niger’s government has banned the garment in Diffa, a southern region that has also been hit by Boko Haram. And late last year Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari, a Muslim, said that a ban even on the hijab, which shrouds a woman’s head and chest but leaves her face on show, may be necessary if bombings persist.
Even countries unharmed by Islamist terror are banning the burqa. Last year Congo-Brazzaville barred it in public places to “prevent any act of terrorism”. And Senegal, which the French security service says is vulnerable to an attack, is pondering a ban, too. Only one west African country seems to be moving in the other direction. The Gambia’s eccentric dictator, Yahya Jammeh, who recently declared his nation to be Islamic, told all female government workers to cover their hair.

If the Conservative Party decide to expel Boris Johnson, the party will implode. If they decide to punish in any other way, they risk hemorrhaging their party, possibly quite severely.

21st century votes have wised up considerably and will no longer be taken for granted.


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