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Monday, 16 July 2018

What is the difference between a Classical Liberal and a Liberal?

First of all, the lines are blurred with many people. A major problem here is people identify Liberalism with the political party called the Liberal Democrats who, alas, are neither liberal nor democratic.

I do not see myself as a Liberal at all when, looking at the following video, I see that I am, indeed a Classical Liberal.

OK, this is an American production but it applies to people all over the world and the views expressed here are, to me, describing pretty accurately how I feel.

Is it describing you?


Wednesday, 11 July 2018

This is how we can punish the Tories and not get Labour

First of all, there will be thousands of Tories who are Remainers. Then there are idiots who voted to leave but cannot break the umbilical cord which attaches them for life to the Conservatives and, who will still vote Tory.

The sad news is, there are very many Leavers who have seen the light and will probably abstain from having anything to do with the vote at the next election.

My plan is two-fold,
first I want to produce an idea which will bring them back to voting, and secondly, I want the same idea to appeal to the huge swathes of people across the country who have either never voted, or have given up on the political system.

There is UKIP, but now we have many other political parties springing up. There is Anna Marie Waters party “For Britain” There is Henry Bolton’s “One Nation” and there is John Rees-Evans “Democrats & Veterans Party”. No doubt many more before the next election. If you know of any, please let me know above [on the right] or at @AmpersUK.

Although my plan doesn’t involve the coming together of these new parties, I am toying with an idea in which they can each get an MP or two.

We are all short of manpower. Yes, UKIP has a lot, but nothing now compared with Conservatives and Labour.

My plan needs the leaders of all the smaller Brexit parties to send a representative to a meeting to start discussing election tactics. But, I hasten to add, not to actually join forces.

Fighting the next election: At these meetings, each representative should choose two only constituencies where the others agree not to fight. That’s not a lot out of 650 seats. But enough for the smaller parties to concentrate their efforts. Pick the two containing most of your members.

The important point here is there is no competition between the parties in each of these two constituencies. However, they can also fight in as many other constituences not earmarked by the above team without fear or favour!

All the parties, including UKIP, should distribute a joint leaflet with no party mentioned. I can hear you all laughing from my home in Finchley!!! But here is an idea for the leaflets.
Staying at home is not an option

Please read on. Note: we are not suggesting what party to vote for in this leaflet.

There are many reasons why the United Kingdon is in such a mess. One is “tribal” where people think: “My grandfather voted for x party, my father did, and what was good enough for them is good enough for me". How many, reading this leaflet, truly believe the Tory and Labour parties have the same aims as they did when your father and grandfather were alive?

The only hope for Britain is to end the two party dominance of our politics. Apart from not really seeing much difference – both are harmful for people at work, struggling to earn a living to support their families; for the elderly keeping warm in winter; for finding a school place reasonably near your home and keeping them safe from groomers; for getting medical treatment from your doctor on the day you need it and from getting seen to in A&E the same hour you are admitted.
Vote for one of the smaller parties if there is one putting up a candidate in your area. If everyone who sees this leaflet does that, they could get in and upset every official in the two main parties.

Don’t be “tribal”, if there are no small parties standing, destroy your vote by writing “I’ll never vote for ______________ in my life again” [insert the major party applicable]
Please go and vote on May xxth 202x. 
[no actual date available yet]
Before you totally throw out my ideas, remember, unless the smaller parties can work together tactically, we will still end up with the two similar tribes controlling Parliament.

Write to your party leaders with a link to this article and ask them to consider it, providing you think it is a good idea of course!

For Britain                                @AMDWaters
UKIP                                         @GerardBattenMEP
One Nation                               @_HenryBolton
Democrats & Veterans Party    @JohnReesEvans
A possible comeback                @Nigel_Farage

On reading this article through, one thing stands out in my mind. And, that is, how important it is not to put any identification on your leaflet indicating what party people should vote for. Once you do this, it becomes a political leaflet and has to be accounted for in your party expenses for the Electoral Commission. And, should have the name and address of your party agent at the bottom.


Thursday, 5 July 2018

Who remembers FUD? The Establishment have taken over from IBM on this art!

I don’t understand

The authorities are pushing how bad a complete break with the EU will be every single day. There are a few things they just cannot seem to comprehend.

These arguments of theirs are the same arguments put out before the “vote” -- they even got Barak Obama to come over to tell us how leaving would be bad for Britain.

In addition, Mark Carney of the Bank of England, the CBI, Richard Bransom and other leaders of Industry drummed into us how bad leaving the EU would be. And, to crown it all, David Cameron sent out a glossy fourteen page booklet to every home in the UK reinforcing all this fear, uncertainty and despondency.

In the sixties, this was known as FUD and was coined by IBM to persuade company buyers to only buy IBM computers. Until Brexit, IBM were the acclaimed masters of FUD.

However, 52% of the British people who took an interest in their country still voted to leave.

Now, over the two years since the referendum, not only the 52% but most of those who voted to remain in the EU are learning that all those “stories” were false, or to use modern parlance, fake news.

Now those same people have started up the discredited stories of FUD (fear, uncertainty and despondency) to persuade us to remain in the EU, should the establishment manage to get their aim of a second referendum.

Our Prime Minister is now well known as someone who has no understanding of negotiations, as she allows the EU negotiators to walk all over her and Britain. We know she was 100% remain when Home Secretary, and we must now consider whether she is really putting Britain’s best interest forward in these negotiations.

A lot of the British public were persuaded to vote remain through “fear, uncertainty and despondency”. The question to ask is, how many of those people who fell at the first hurdle would know now not be taken in by Establishment lies? Would they now vote to leave?

If just one in five were wise enough to see through the propaganda, that would mean the 52% would be increased to over 60%. But, personally, I think the British public are a lot wiser than the Establishment give them credit for and the number could be much, much higher.

Please send a link to every remainer you know!