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Saturday, 16 June 2018

Is WhatsApp really all that secure?

Secure messaging:

Avoiding back doors is possible providing you use an open source program. This type of program is usually available in code; the user can examine the code and then compile it for their computer. If you don’t know how to compile a program, why not ask next door’s twelve year old son! You'll be amazed at what he can do!

You may ask "why would you need to use this app". I will give just one example but I'm sure you can think of many more. 'Political parties in opposition. Every party which is in government has access to MI5' (and, in America, the NSA)! Texts can be read!

Signal Messenger can also be used as a normal SMS program so you can remove your normal SMS app as there are special benefits with Signal Messenger.

Providing both parties are using the program, full encryption is also available. This part can, of course, be covered by WhatsApp, but remember - WhatsApp is a proprietary program and you’ll never tell if the CIA for MI5 have forced them to put a trapdoor in no matter what they may claim.

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I dictated this whilst on the London Underground using the EdiVoice app. This app allows for long gaps between each bit of dictation unlike Google’s own voice efforts, but you need to speak slowly and clearly. The app also allows for teaching, if it gets things wrong.

OK, I admit this article is a little stilted but I haven’t used mechanical means for dictation for over fifty years. Hopefully I’ll get better at it!


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