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Friday, 18 May 2018

Some Middle Eastern Facts & Figures

Israel and the Middle East

There are so many misconceptions about Israel, the Palestinians, and the Middle East in general.

Accurate figures are hard to come by, so I have taken various facts and added the best figures to show the minimum below. The first three items are accurate.

The first known date that Jerusalem became Israel’s capital is very hazy, but it was a long time before the figure I show below. There are many figures between 602 and 670 when Mohammed established the Islam religion, but I have taken the earliest.

    • Square metres of the Middle East
    • 3.5m sq miles or 9 m sq km
    • Square meters of Israel
    • 20,770 sq kilometres

    • Percentage of Israel over the entire Middle East
    • zero point two three percent – 0.23%

    • The first known date that Israel existed
    • In the time of Abraham, 2,000 BC
    • Originally known as Canaan.

    • The first known date that Jerusalem became Israel’s capital.
    • Dates are very hazy but certainly before 1,500 BC

    • The first known date that Mohammed founded Islam
    • The date is uncertain other than it was in the seventh century AD.

The idea that Jews only inhabited the land known as Israel after WWII on the 19th May 1948 is therefore not at all accurate. In addition, as Muslims only came into being over 2,000 years after the Jews, it tends to put a different light on matters.

It is hard to say how many rockets the Palestinians have fired into Israel, but I found that the figure of 5,972 rockets have been fired into Israel between 2001 and 2011, I have been unable to get a more updated position.

Muslims have killed 11 million other Muslims since 1948. The amount over the centuries totals hundreds of millions but I’m trying to restrict numbers for this aspect to modern times.

Thomas Sowell wrote in ‘Race & Culture’ (page 188) in 1948 that 17 million people, mainly Africans, were captured and made slaves and shipped to Islamic countries. We learn from many articles in newspapers that this is still going on today.

This information has been taken from Wikipedia: There are 6,335,000 Jews in the Middle East mostly residing in Israel, there are between 27 and 34 million Christians across the Middle East, there are 800,000 - 1,100,000 Druze who live in Israel, Syria and Lebanon. There are large communities of Hindus in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia who number over 3.1 million and an estimated 902,890 Buddhists and 700,000 Yazidi and numerous other religions. Non-Muslims are about 43 million or 23% of the Middle East population, Muslims form the majority of the rest.

The Middle East consists of Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. According to this definition, Middle East has a population of 218 million in 2013, i.e. 3.05% of the total world population (7.2 billion) in 2013.

So 6.3 million Jews (2.89%) and 218 million Arabs 97.11%) – and this was in 2013. As Israel has no oil it is probably the reason why the USA gives financial aid to Israel. But, to help balance that off, they also give aid to Palastine.

I have been careful to only offer facts of my short research here. I offer no insight or opinion. That is not the object of this article. However, I do find it interesting that the Arabs tend to hate the Palestinians, read on.

Note: I may be departing from facts in this last paragraph:

It is not easy to believe either side’s propaganda in this conflict: The following link is from an Israeli newspaper by an experienced Jew on the Middle East at a prominent Israeli university, but it makes fascinating reading although I suspect there is bias here.


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