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Thursday, 10 May 2018

Social Media is only a tiny part of life, no matter how many are on it

This is the same whether you use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any of the others.

One tends to live in a small world. I will talk about Twitter as it is the only social media I use, but what I am saying can refer to all social media.

First of all, think of how many people are living in the United Kingdom. The last information I can find is from Wordometers and is shown as 66,517,722 men, women and children as at 10th May 2018. This doesn’t include the many illegals.

Now take a look at the number of followers you have. If you are in a charity, in politics or an online newspaper, examing your followers and their estimated reach; you will note that, in the great scheme of things, you are not reaching that many people. I’m sorry to dishearten you, but this is a fact.

On Twitter recently, there was a petition to abolish the House of Lords. At the time of writing, 159,272 signatures have been collected. Alas, at present, even a figure so much higher than the 100,000 required when Parliament has to discuss it, you will see nothing will be done. The reason is simply that the government is quite happy to have Brexit destroyed. And having the Lords destroy it will save the government from total defeat at the next General Election.

Forget Parliament - they just send out mealy-mouthed replies after the MPs have debated your petition. To ensure success, you have to get the information out to many of the sixty-six million people out there who are not on Social Media.

Now, use your imagination with regard to the above petition. Suppose every signatory contacted all their relatives and friends, business contacts. Then suppose they delivered leaflets throughout their neighbourhood and, collectively, managed to get over two million signatures? The government will still try to ignore it. However, with that number, newspapers around the Western World will write about it, thus forcing British newspapers, under the yoke of our politicians, to grudgingly publish it. Hell, it might even get to the BBC. Remember, the debate is on the 18th of June!

How much harder would it then be for Parliament to issue the usual stock reply?

This, finally, brings me to the point of my article.

Which is not to promote the petition, but to show that getting a point across to your few thousand followers is an infinitesimally small grain of sand on the beach compared with the outside world. It’s not enough to sit on your backside punching computer or mobile phone keys!


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