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Friday, 4 May 2018

Are Carphone Warehouse an honest reliable company to deal with

I am not going to say... if I did, I might lay myself open to being sued. So I am just going to tell you of my experiences.

First of all, I buy the top of the range mobile phone every year. In 2017 I thought I’d switch from Amazon to Carphone Warehouse. I received my Galaxy 8 Plus and had no reason to contact Carphone warehouse again that year as it never went wrong and I had no problems with it.

This year I purchased the Galaxy S9 Plus from them as they offered me circa £400  trade-in if it was in good condition. It was in perfect condition, not a scratch on it and no problems with it at all.

They told me over the phone to buy the new phone for the full price and they would send a bag for me to return the phone.

Great I thought.

So I purchased the phone, paid the full price, and waited for the bag to arrive to send my phone back.

And waited.

And waited.

No bag arrived.

I phoned up and they said there was a shortage of bags and mine would soon arrive. So I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

No bag arrived.

My first tweet read:
@CPWTweets Nearly threexxx four weeks later with conversations with five different members of staff and Carphone Warehouse are still refusing to honour their trade-in promise.

So, up to now I have made seven phone calls and one tweet over four weeks.

They later said, go to this link to their website and fill in a form and the bag will go off almost immediately. Now nearly a month later I have given up.

I have now sold my Galaxy S8 Plus privately and lost about £170.000 through giving up on CarPhone Warehouse.

Naturally I will never use them again. And, I will tell everyone I know of my experiences with this company. I know a lot of people.

PS There is no copyright on this particular entry.

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