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Saturday, 31 March 2018

The similarities between the new British laws and the old communist laws

I warn you, dear reader, this is a terrifying video if you live in Britain There are two levels:

One is where the police make a note of your name and what you have said. This is used for large companies who may request a CRO check on you. They will then receive full details of your "hate" crime.

The second is where you may go to prison for heinous crimes, such as teaching your dog to give a Nazi salute. Someone is awaiting trial for just that and has been warned it may be a prison sentence.

The reader has a pleasant slow voice so you shouldn't miss anything if English is not your first language (It is my third language.)


I've never been a big fan of Tommy Robinson

I think it was because he was, I believe, once the leader of a far right movement called EDL.

But he has moved on from there, and although I haven't completely relaxed with him, I think what he is now doing is necessary. I also think it disgraceful that he has been permanently banned from twitter.

Here, he talks to a reporter at Russia Today and he challenges the reporter to find anything hateful he has said, and they can't find anything.

Watch and listen, then decide for yourself.


Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The 1400 year history of Islam, clearly explained.

About forty-five minutes, but fascinating and worth spending the time to watch it.