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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Why my wife and I resigned from UKIP at the EGM

My dissatisfaction started in 2015 when I overheard Nigel complaining to someone that the NEC refused to accept any proposals which Nigel, the Party Leader, put forward. I was very disappointed when he resigned in January 2016 and wondered what the NEC were playing at.

The more recent history of leader after leader resigning, some within weeks of being appointed, showed there was something seriously wrong with our NEC.

Then Henry came along. Ex Army, ex police, an United Nations ambassador, sorting out things in the Balkans. Now, perhaps we have someone who can get behind. But he turned out too strong for the NEC so they had to get rid of him too.

They complained after his wife had left him and he went with a younger woman. A while ago on Facebook this woman had said she was surprised that Harry was bringing in a half black girl into the Royal Family. I was too, but I don’t think my black or Muslim friends would think of me as a racist.

They then said he lied about having a bachelor’s degree on his CV. Did he lie? This is not a simple question to answer and on reflection, how many of my readers know that 6 NVQ’s (which Henry has) is the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree? I never did. Wikipedia explains that it is. So he kept it simple. Is that a crime?

My wife and I went up to Birmingham to attend the UKIP EGM and whilst there, we were disgusted to listen to each NEC speaker slate Henry Bolton. And as an ex army man myself, I was proud that Henry kept to the facts and didn’t insult any of the speakers who insulted him.

That is the man which UKIP needs to push the party forward.

Many were upset at the proposal for changes (which were to be negotiated with the NEC) and many UKIP members, who had no idea of how professional negotiating works, thought these lines were cast in stone. One can accept their lack of knowledge, especially when the only example that they may have was our Prime Minister negotiating with the EU! In her case, everything the EU puts forward is accepted!

When you enter into negotiations, you include items which you know the opposition would never accept. You give in reluctantly, and say, we’ll drop these if you accept those.

The next day, Sunday, my wife and I voided our membership cards and we sent them to head office with a strongly worded letter.

I feel awfully sad as I have been in UKIP right from the beginning. In fact I used to attend the “Anti-Federalist League” meetings which morphed into UKIP.

Around the beginning of the century, I was UKIP Head Office Manager when the party was half way up Regent Street in London’s West End. Until the NEC started being awkward I was a £1,000 a year Patron member. Now we are both resigning UKIP as we feel the NEC has totally killed the party and I will be very surprised if the party will be here at the next General Election.

It is interesting that since Gerard Batten has started attacking Moslems, rather than the politicians who let them in, many former UKIP members who left to join the far right (according to Wikipedia) ForBritain party are returning to UKIP.

Many others are flocking in as well. I don’t know how true this is, but it is not going to do UKIP any favours. And, Gerard Batten should never have called a listener who phoned into his programme on LBC “uninformed and unintelligent”.

I have stopped using Twitter but kept it alive for Ampers Rants as I know my blog has a lot of readers on Twitter.

The only winner in this sad saga is my wife as I now have time to attend to all those chores which have built up over the last two decades (or so)!