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Friday, 8 December 2017

This is great for retirees, procrastinators, and bosses who want more efficiency.

I use a system called 52:17

Basically all this means is, after working 52 minutes, you take a break of 17 minutes.

No, it won't work for everybody, and it won't work for people with little imagination.

If you are called out to meetings all day or your work is answering the telephones, forget it.

But if your desk work doesn't involve this, it will work. Others can use it. Car mechanics for instance working in a garage. Retirees who can't seem to get organised can use it - such as me!

I am retired and in my late seventies, and to keep healthy I walk a mile every day. But not in one go now. Work has been building up, I am building up a large recipe base using "Now you're cooking" and am busy entering in all my typed recipes. I have four bookcases, 16 shelves of books that need cataloging, a few hundred CDs these are just three of the many jobs building up.

So now, as I am retired, I do two 52 minutes of these sessions with 17 minutes rest time, starting at 9am and finishing around 11:20am Then I take a long lunch break, maybe reading or other leisurely persuits, and at 2pm I do two more 52/17 stints, finishing at around 4:40pm. On two of these four 17 minutes rest periods I go for a half mile walk so I no longer need to go our for the mile walk every morning.

I am amazed at what gets done. I am doing more, in a third of the time than I have done since I retired eight years ago.

This link will take you to a Google page with lots of different articles on the system. One is detrimental, but do read that as well as it shows how having a lack of imagination by being self centred can make you unable to see the  bigger picture.


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