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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Here are a few ideas I'd like UKIP to adopt.

1 Branch activities

A) preamble
In 1970, I thought my wife and I needed to get out more. I was working hard and my social life was suffering. So by solely leafleting at Tube Stations on the way to my business, and some evenings after work, I built up a club of 800 hundred members. The fee to join was £10/10/- (£10.50) a year. Projecting the average annual salary to the present day from the national average of £850 a year to now is £27,000, that would make the joining fee £333.48. We put out a roneoed newsletter with an average of 100 events every month (3 a day) but the members put on the events not us.

Events such as coffee mornings at home or in coffee bars, wine and cheese evenings at home or pub visits. Theatre and cinema visits. Trips on the Thames, visits to museums and art galleries, and even weekends away.

B) How UKIP branches could benefit
Bearing in mind that little happens between elections, and that the Internet can cut costs to a minimum, branches could do this on a smaller scale. Initially the committee would need to start the ball rolling before asking the others to do something. The whole objective here would be to create interests during the long periods where nothing happens. Those that are more prolific and imaginative at putting on events could be earmarked for future councillors.

2. Membership fees

A) Preamble
I know for a fact that many members have been reticent about giving their email addresses which proves costly for branches. We need to encourage them to send them in.

B) Why not a structured membership rate?
At present we have the following rates:
£30 p.a. membership rate
£1,000 p.a. Patron
(I've left out YI rates for simplicity)

Why can’t we consider the following?
£30 membership with all correspondence by email.
£40 membership with all correspondence by post.
The above email rate should include the magazine by PDF.
Then, I propose the following
£100 Senior membership (Email only)
£1,000 Patron (Email only)
(people who can afford this would be on email)

3. Ryver and Trello

These are two very useful programs for Branches.

Ryver is totally free for use by as many people as is wanted; only addons are paid for and their first paying addon is a group task manager which Trello does for free.

Ryver allows a branch to keep everything private and together when communicating with members and members communicating with other members. You can have open forums, as many as is required, and you can have private meeting rooms, useful for committee and sub-committees. And you can converse with any member or committee in open forum, in private meeting rooms, or in a private message. (I could set up one just for branch chairmen so they can test it and ask me questions before they implement it in their branches. No charge.)

Trello This is free for normal usage and works with cards and columns. On a more simple example, you could have a column for ‘todo’, a second one for ‘job assigned to’ and a third for ‘job completed’. But you can have many cards and many columns.

4. Members Think Tank

There are many people such as myself who could have a lot to contribute. Why not take advantage of what we have to offer.

Use a separate Ryver installation for a think tank
One open forum for general discussion, a private room where you have a subject for the think tank to work on. As an example, you may decide to have a discussion on membership fees. You go into the open forum and ask for volunteers for the Membership Discussion private team room. And put your views there and let members discuss. You can have as many private discussion rooms as you wish, members only see the ones they’ve been invited to but see all Open Forums.

Ex UKIP Head Office Manager circa 2001
With Sked’s Anti-Federalist League before UKIP

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