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Saturday, 11 November 2017

An alternative way to treat foreign criminals

Twitter has given me an idea.

The idea of prison is twofold. One is to punish and one is to help the prisoner back into sociaty having paid for his or her sins.

If an immigrant’s conviction carries a custodial sentence, it is going to cost the tax payer more than £32,450 a year whilst in prison.

We should add up police costs to catch him, police time until end of trial, and all costs of the trial. We should then send him back to his country, inform his country’s government of the crime and conviction, and give the person concerned an invoice for the cost of police and court time.

We should charge an interest rate of 5% over bank rate compounded monthly.

He may then return to Britain once he has paid the invoice and all accrued interest.

1. We get rid of him, at least for many years.

2. If he ever returns, we would have got our costs back, and he’ll not want to go through all that again.

3. Our prisons will be less crowded.
However, murder, and perhaps rape, of a British person should be exempt from this leniency.

Terrorism must be an exception here, they must go to prison for a minimum of forty years, for any terrorist crime, and there should be prisons for terrorists only.

Have I left anything out? Use the comments below.


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