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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Keep an open mind and educate yourself.

Have recently been called a Commie because I watch Russia Today sometimes. I also watch Al Jazeera, Fox and CNN in the USA, Sky News, EU News, and a few others.

If you just watch BBC or Sky you'll never know what is happening in the world.

Russia Today and Al Jazeera stations are full of propaganda, but you see things you never see in England, such as riots going on at present in Sweden. A lot of Riots over the last six months in Belgium, France and Germany not shown in full which the BBC tend to cover just a corner of.

In addition I use Twitter and get to know what will be in the British newspapers the day before as the information always appears electronically before the papers are printed. Twitter is an ideal way of being informed quickly if you follow the right people.

However, I suggest you don't follow my example if you have an inability to recognise propaganda or you'll be taken in by some of these stations. You need to watch them all and learn to synthesize all the information to get at the truth.


1 comment:

Porgy Tirebiter said...

I follow the International Press for a sanity check on the the US Media. Of course, throwing your brain away when reading any source never helps!