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Saturday, 26 August 2017

The best time to buy your smartphone or smartwatch.

The manufacturers tend to bring out a new model every year now.

When a new phone or watch comes out it never works perfectly so over a ten month period, they bring out upgrades as each fault is reported and put right. At the end of, say, ten months, they have a product which works, and usually works very well.

When a new phone or watch comes out it costs the earth, as users have to pay for the privilege of being the companies beta testers for the latest product. Yes, my tongue is in my cheek, but you understand what I am getting at.

About two months before a new, untried and untested watch comes out, manufacturers bring the price down, often by as much as 25% to clear the decks for the new model.

This is the time to buy. 25% off and a model which works!



Heather said...

I shan't be purchasing a new phone until my current one runs out on me. Of course it would help if I actually learned how to use the functions on this one before upgrading. I wait in hope where sound quality is improved and I can actually delete apps that I will never use. Would be nice if they would add an alarm for the zombies who have phones permanently clamped to their ears, who step out in front of cars without as much as glancing around them. Crazy times we live in :-)

jonfree said...

Can't disagree with you Heather, I use a Pay as you go mobile phone, really don't need anything more upto date-and like you I had enough mucking about with this simple little piece of equipment let alone managing some to range smart-phone. Yes I know it will take pictures, do upteen other things I don't want and can't understand-most certainly subscribe to your viewpoint concenring 'phones stuck to ears,' which appear to be glued there especially with the young-saw a young man and woman in a restaurant recently- the woman hardly lifted her eyes from fiddling with her phone-young chap had to almost shout at her when choosing food and drinks. I asked my granddaugther of 23 to put the B'thing away when out with my wife and I or when in a restaurant, dam rude in any event. No don't thnik that they m/phones, have really enhanced the social balance of everyone's lives. I'm old!!