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Thursday, 13 July 2017

A new candidate declares for the UKIP election

I attended an event where John Rees-Evans [JRE] announced his intention to stand in UKIPs forthcoming Leadership Election.

The remarkable thing was, He didn’t mention Moslems once and, rather, addressed what he sees, as our real enemies.

Yes, immigrants are flooding in to the UK, but JRE wants to attack those who created the environment. He sees our real enemies as our politicians, globalists, corporates and the establishment in general.

The problem as many see it is, these people are too powerful for us to fight and Johnny Public must make the best of this New World Order.

But as we say in South Africa: “‘n Boer moet ‘n plan hĂȘ” (a farmer must have a plan). John isn’t South African and he’s not a farmer, but he certainly has a plan – and to use a South African expression again; “a bleddy good one”.

His plan is to bypass Parliament as it is today, bypass the media, as they are today, and to do away with the need for large doners who always want their pound of flesh by controlling everything.

How can he do this? His plan is to use the Internet in all three areas.

One, a website for UKIP members, no matter how isolated, to interact with each other. I won’t go into it here but he has some very good ideas in this area.

Two, to use Social Media, YouTube and other means to put out what UKIP is doing. Initially, it will be slow going but the objective is to bypass the establishment media totally so the public can really see what is going on. Much as the Trump Administration have been doing in the USA.

Three, to attract, through means of commercial advantage, small businesses throughout the country, This could work as his idea seems to be, you scratch our backs and we will scratch yours.

John has a certain amount of baggage to overcome (Gay Donkey springs to mind) and he is very earnest and needs to lighten up. But both these shortcomings should disappear as he matures into the job.

I may or may not vote for him as, like him, I am also ex army, and don’t make tactical decisions until I have all the facts (and in this case, the facts are a list of all the candidates standing and their manifestos).


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