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Sunday, 11 June 2017

An imporrtant communications for the UKIP membership.

UKIP results in GE2017

First of all, the picture of woe

We received 593,852 votes, or 1.8% of the votes cast.

At the GE2015, we received 3,881,099 votes or 12.6% of the votes cast.

This election, we lost 3,288,047 voters who lost faith in our NEC shenanigans. Or to put it another way, 89.20% of our previous voters.

It is impossible to put such an appalling loss on one man. Yes, there does seem to be weak leadership here, but the leadership is not, funnily enough, the leader. A political party is run by their NEC (National Executive Committee) and the UKIP NEC needs to resign en masse and give the membership a chance to elect a completely new committee. This will only happen if UKIP members press, and press hard for this. There is an old saying, “a foolish man does the same thing, time and time again, and expects a different result.” Dwell on this saying, it is important in politics.

If a huge amount of our membership emails, giving their membership number, saying “We are seriously considering our position in UKIP and will not be renewing unless the entire NEC resigns and there are fresh elections.”

It is time to show the NEC that we cannot be taken for granted.

If you have friends and colleagues who are UKIP members, please pass them a link. If you are on social media, please spread this far and wide. If we don't do something, UKIP will be confined to the dustbin of history.


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