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Monday, 12 June 2017

A pep talk to all UKIP members throughout Britain.

A good appraisal from the leader of Barnet UKIP which may be of interest to local UKIP branches throughout Great Britain.



Well the election is over for now but that may not be the end of the story. There may have to be another election at some point soon.

I cannot see the Tories lasting the full five years. A pact with the DUP is not likely to hold because there are fundamental differences of policy. Such as same sex marriage and abortion for example.

Anyway, during the life of a parliament there are defections, deaths and other events causing by-elections. One such event could happen in Thanet South where the MP was charged with fraud prior to the election. I don't know but this may at some point cause him to step down even though it relates to the 2015 election a fraud charge could become a fraud conviction.

In Chipping Barnet UKIP saved Theresa Villiers, by not standing, we got her elected as she only won by 353 votes. In 2015 UKIP got over 4000 in Chipping Barnet.

I believe that this means she owes us and it may be an idea to have a meeting with her at some point to put forward our opinions directly to her in person. I am sure she recognises the fact that without UKIP support she would not have won.

UKIP nationally ran a very poor campaign and our ex leader Mr Nuttal appeared to do nothing right. Locally in Barnet I feel we did make the best of a bad situation. Against the advice from our superiors we decided to stand candidates and also ordered 20,000 leaflets which were from UKIP official templates. Many of these leaflets were delivered in Hendon, Mill Hill and Colindale.

Our candidates attended several hustings and got positive reviews on their performances and we also managed to get several articles in the Barnet media again which was mainly favourable.

We as Barnet UKIP can therefore feel proud we kept the UKIP flag flying and did our best in difficult circumstances.

The party nationally is in turmoil however, we as a local branch must understand that we seek to represent the people who live and work in Barnet and we must therefore continue to communicate with, educate and also serve the local population.

Therefore our aim now is to prepare ourselves for the Local Council Elections which will take place in May 2018. UKIP Barnet is entitled to stand 63 candidates and we aim to get 63 UKIP candidates on the ballot.

This will be a mission, however, I strongy beleive that by the time May 2018 comes around people will be ready for a change and will be receptive to UKIP as a credible alternative.

Nigel Farage has said that he may return as party leader which will give the party a fighting chance again, but regardless, we must organise ourselves and become a more professional political organistation.

After the Barnet AGM which will be held during July 2017 we will seek to expand the elected committee with several new appointed positions. The aim of this will be to improve and expand the party locally. We will seek to contact all local businesses to promote UKIP as the business friendly party for Barnet.

In 2016 over 40,000 people in Barnet voted for Brexit and it is our duty to represent those electors by giving them a voice. The ony way is to get councillors elected to Barnet council. It is highly possible because we have time to plan and promote ourselves and the public mood is very much against the political establishment at the moment.

Personally i do not believe the election result nationally is a bad one. Remember, Theresa May is not a Brexiteer and never has been. She only took the party leadership to block lesser known staunch leavers such as Andrea Leadsome from becoming PM. I dont expect her to survive as PM because there are several better and more trustworthy people in the Tory party such as David Davis and Jacob Rees Mogg who would make better choices for Britain. Zac Goldsmith would also be a pro Brexit choice but he is an outsider now in the Tory party after they threw him under the bus last time.

One of the reasons Jeremy Corbyn did well despite the media smears and establishment campaign against him was because he is seen by voters as the anti candidate. He has always voted for Brexit in the past, in 2011 he voted for a referendum and was one of only 19 Labour MPs to do so. So he will not block Brexit and he has pledged not to.

The Tories ran a shocking campaign which included such clangers like the dementia tax and scrapping free school meals that it was possibly deliberate. I mean it now gives Theresa May the option to go for a fake Brexit or even a second referendum.

If Nigel Farage does return as party leader he will energise the party and the base especially as the public will be looking for Mr Brexit to save us from Theresa May.

UKIP did badly but we still got over 500,000 votes and that means we got more than the Greens. We can build on that solid bedrock of support for the 2018 council elections.

Many voters lent their votes to the other parties for this election but the cycle will change now and those 4,000,000 who supported us in 2015 will return. UKIP will come back stronger as we have done in the past.

Kal Kahn
Chairman - Banet UKIP

1 comment:

Heather said...

Rees Mog would never be nominated because he is not a Bilderberger. No-one who is not Bilderberger ever gets selected as an MP.