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Thursday, 13 April 2017

The truth about trade with the EU

 This is from a recent email from Roger Helmer, a UKIP MEP.
The following courtesy of Rogers good colleague William Dartmouth, UKIP's trade Spokesman:
Adrian Webster writes (Sunday Telegraph April 2nd) : “... No new trade deal (with the EU) comes without immigration quotas....”
Not so.
The EU has over 100 Trade Agreements. Of these, it is only the four EFTA countries - Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway whose specific and particular trade agreements require “freedom of movement”. Of these four, Liechtenstein has a derogation and Switzerland voted against “freedom of movement” in a referendum in 2014. So that leaves just two countries - Norway and Iceland - who have granted “freedom of movement” in return for a Trade Agreement with the EU.
None of the EU's other trade agreements has freedom of movement -- let alone immigration quotas.
Mr. Webster is in good company when he peddles this blatant falsehood. It has been restated on Bloomberg and – endlessly -- on the BBC.
Roger Helmer

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