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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Getting things done, on Android

A while ago, I looked at an app which was still on Alpha build and thought, I’ll come back to this later. A year or so later I looked again and it was still in Alpha mode, but with a notice the Beta mode was under construction.

I bravely decided to look further and, for an alpha mode program it was extremely well behaved. So I started using it. And now thank my lucky stars that I did.

Here is how it can work.

You can enter a task, either as a stand alone task, or connected to a project or checklist. The latter being just a list of tasks which need to be done for a specific major task, but not quite as big as a project.

An example of a checklist could be home security, where you’d have the following tasks. Produce spreadsheet, enter all items to be marked, take photographs of each item, mark with smartwater. As you complete each stage, over a week or so, you would make them completed and they would come off the list.

An example of a project could be building an extension to your property, where you would have a series of checklists and many separate tasks.

Then there are folders, Context lists and Tag lists.

Under folders you could have subheadings like computer, telephone (for calls to make), smartphone (for housekeeping with apps), etc.

Under Contexts. You could have things like Home, Work, errands, purchases etc.

Under Tags, there could be one for each room in your house, front and back gardens, garage etc.

With these set up, you can view a list of tasks for when you are by the phone, computer, jobs to do at work or buy things that need buying, or jobs to do in a specific room so you can do them all in one fell swoop.

Goals, These are for major events in your life and by setting your task against a specific goal, you can see the progress made.

When setting up the initial task, keep the heading short as there is a field for more detailed information. A status field allows you to assign next action, Active, planning, delegated, waiting, hold, postponed and a someday status.

Anther field is Type, where you can set the job as a Task, Project, Checklist, And, underneath, call a contact, Return a call, Email a contact or SMS a contact. These latter points enable you to set up tiny tasks without having to spend too much time filling in all the other details.

There is an opportunity to star a task… No specific requirement here, you can assign the stars for whatever type of tasks you wish.

Then there is an inbox for when you are on the move. To speed things up, just add the task title and leave things until you are settled at home or at the office. A trip to the inbox will remind you to fill in all the relevant information.

The completed item allows you to review all the items you have completed and you can set up in Settings when you want a task to be totally deleted. I have set up mine to delete in 28 days [in Settings] after I hit the Completed button.

Not bad for an Alpha mode app is it? And, after a month, I can assure you, everything works perfectly. However, to be efficient, care should be taken when naming Folders, Contexts and Tasks. And you can backup your datafiles to Dropbox, 2gb is free and is more than enough for this app.

But I have only covered a small part of whet the app can do, hopefully enough for you to want to download it and give it a try. As far as I am aware, however, it is only available on Android. But after the release of the fabulous Samsung Galaxy S8, you may want to change to Android! If you prefer to stick with the iPhone, you’ll soon get the curved screen as Apple have just bought 90 million of them from Samsung for their upcoming new iPhone version.

Finally, if the above has whetted your appetite, and you are going to download the app, set up the app on your phone first, then download an excellent tutorial here.

The app is called: DGT GTD and can be downloaded here.

And, finally, a book about "Getting Things Done" by David Allen, on Amazon - also available on Kindle. I have the Paperback and the kindle version.


1 comment:

Andrew Ampers Taylor said...

Just to say that the author has given me access to the soon to be available Beta version. Don't worry, you'll be able to use the same data. The beta puts it in the big boys league [extremely polished and professional] and will eventually probably be one of the best apps in Google Play.