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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

One's politics is sometimes a little difficult to define

I have had this bug which has been doing the rounds and I have been able to do little other than sit and think for these last few days.

What politics do I stand for?
Looking at all the parties on the scene, it is hard to fit myself inside any of them.

On the right, I stand for business. The country needs business to survive. There are three classes of business. SoHo, which covers a business from one man to 20, including directors. They consist of about 97.5% of our UK Companies. Then we have SMEs which range up to around a 1,000 employees and cover another 2% of our companies. Finally the Corporates, including International Conglomerates, which account for the last half a percent.

The SoHo companies are the best to encourage as they only have to employ a single person each to double our people in employment over night. It is these, and the smaller SMEs who are to be encouraged.

When companies grow too big and look for the easy way to expand, by buying their competitors, jobs are shed, unemployment goes up. Not so bad with the larger SMEs but disastrous when the Corporates amalgamate.

I tend to think of SoHo and small to medium SMEs as right of centre but the larger SMEs as left of centre, with the largest Corporates almost communist in nature.

On the left, I stand for a fairer society. I would like to see a higher benefit offered when someone loses their job for three months only, say 10% less than their annual salary package. This to be increased, on a month by month basis, as long as they attend interviews and write at least 50 letters a week approved by the job centre. i.e. genuine attempts. They must have the skills required when writing the letters. Job centres to stamp the mail after they check the letters.

After three months, or longer if they write application letters, their money drops to the present rate, and after another six months, they get no money, but bills paid, and food stamps. We are here to give a helping hand to get them back on their feet. And encourage them to do so.

Disabled. There are so many sob stories here, I would need to know a little more. We have a duty to look after those less fortunate than ourselves. Whatever their allowance, if they manage to take a job, even if only for a day or two, they keep their allowance. They also keep their wages, and receive an extra bonus from the state as a reward for getting up and doing something. I once employed a charming Ashanti girl from West Africa in a wheelchair. Best receptionist I ever had. Had to widen the door to accommodate her wheelchair, and she was absolutely totally loyal to me, might have had a different ending if I were single at the time..


The problem in this country

People on the left view people on the right as right wing National Front types or cold, hard hearted businessmen. There used to be a back street car hire company in New York which became a world leader and second only to Hertz. Read Robert Townsend’s “Up the Organisation” - there’s a used copy for a penny on AmazonUK. It shows how Robert turned the company around. I’d have loved to have worked for him. All of the bosses I worked for in my youth were fair and decent men. The only nasty ones I came across were in the Army, lefty Corporals and Sergeants. Hateful, but after training I became one!

People on the right view people on the left as lazy, shiftless trouble-makers. Yes there certainly seems to be a lot like that, but are there really that many? People like George Soros pays millions to stir the left up; recently those protesting against Trump were paid from $35 a day upwards by Soros to try and destroy their new President. George Soros made his initial fortune selling fellow Jews to the Nazi Kamps at age 14 in Hungary in 1944, and turned that money, over the years into billions. Not a nice person. People on the left, the militants, make so much noise that we tend to think every socialist is a militant left winger. They are not. I know many who are decent, and although I am of the right, I have a good friend who is a Labour Councillor and prefer his company to any Conservative councillor I know. And even most of my Brexiteers, even though he is a remainer!

So, saying someone is a right-winger or a left-winger is not always as simple as it may seem. I am not referring to the filthy Right Wing Fanatics or the Dirty Scruffy Left Wing Fanatics. I am speaking about the ordinary Conservatives, the ordinary UKIPpers and the ordinary Socialists. The quiet ones who go about their jobs without causing mayhem. The people with a little bit of decency, who know we need businesses to generate wealth, and know we need to give those less able a helping hand.



ron457 said...

My sentiments exactly

Porgy Tirebiter said...

Very thoughtful! Labels are difficult to apply even to one's self unless you have an agenda. Mostly, for me, the best way is to support that in which you believe rather than being the toady of those who are trying to incite the masses.

Andrew Ampers Taylor said...

My friend Phyllis wrote

"I do hope you are on the road to recovery, and that your wife is well too. I have just enjoyed immensely reading your latest Rant, and wanted to tell you that it sums up my feelings absolutely perfectly. Would you mind if I pass it on to one or two of my friends who, I know, will also identify with your words."

Of course you can, phyllis, that's why I've published it.

Andrew Ampers Taylor said...


Thanks Ron, glad I am not alone with my views.


Andrew Ampers Taylor said...

Porgy Tirebiter

This is exactly why I sat down and gave the subject a little more thought.

Best wishes