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Saturday, 25 March 2017

A very frightening voice, with an equally frightening message

I first met Rodney Atkinson when he was giving this lecture in an House of Lords Committee Room. It was pretty full, of both peers and MPs, it was over a decade ago as far as I can remember, maybe even longer. It terrified me, but when one looks at the ignorance of our political classes, it hadn't frighten them.

I pray that many will pay the price in 2020.

Rodney is the brother of Rowan and where the latter kept us amused with Mr Bean, Rodney just terrifies me with his grasp of the history of the European Union.

It's not a short video so make sure you have time to watch it in one sitting. But you can relax in the knowledge that there's no waffling.


1 comment:

jonfree said...

Agree, I read what Rodney Atkinson posted 2016-LEAVING THE EU WE JOINED ILLEGALLY' In which he states that the UK cannot afford a long drawn out porcess of leaving the EU. Free trade with the rest of the world and the freedom to set out our own fair trade terms cannot wait for the EU bureaucracy and timid Politicians. He refers to the Article 50 trap-demanding a specific law in Parliament to instigate article 50 (or that the 1972 Act need be repealed) to leave the EU are rank hypocrites. As he says the People were not asked whether they approved the removal of their sovereignty, in respect to Heath's use of the Crown Perogative at that time-supposedly he was bribed by the Germans with a post factum gift in the form of an award of the Prize Money for the Charlemange Prize A prize founded by the Hitler regime.