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Saturday, 11 February 2017

The American political system in a nutshell

The American voting system isn't that dissimilar to ours when you ignore the fact that they elect their leader directly.

Their upper house is called the Senate and, unlike our 800 plus House of Lords, has only 100 Senators, less at present, as there are only 51 Republicans (Conservatives right) and 74 Democrats (Liberal left).

Their lower house is called the "House of Representatives" and has 239 Republicans and 194 Democrats (total 433) These cover a huge area (Britain can fit into 54% of California as an example).

The Presidential election, like our general election, is not based on the total number of votes (country-wide), in Britain, by Constituencies, and in America by the Electoral College system. The Clinton vote (Democrat) came to 232, and the Trump vote (Republican) came to 306 votes.

Both systems have remained generally unaltered for over 200 years.

Over the last fifty years, all elections in both countries proved that the left are extremely bad losers and will not accept democracy if it is not the result they desire.


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