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Friday, 24 February 2017

Paul Nuttall--has he a future as leader?

First of all, who am I? I am a long term UKIP supporter, having been associated with the “Anti-Federalist League – run by Dr Alan Sked – where five members from there started UKIP. The five consisted of two Tories, two Socialists and a Liberal Democrat.

Many years ago I was the UKIP Head Office Manager, and before I resigned for the fifth time, I was a Patron member paying £1,000 a year. I will not rejoin UKIP as long as Douglas Carswell, who I suspect as being a Tory plant, is still a member of UKIP.

I will, of course, still vote for UKIP as there is nobody else.

I neither like nor dislike Paul Nuttall, the present leader. How can I? I have never met him. So there is no personal love or animosity here.

The question we have to ask now, is a question all leaders face when they lose a constituency they personally stand in. Should they go or should they stay?

Mr Nuttall has proven he is a hard worker, and has mobilised great numbers of UKIP members to go to Stoke. In London there was a succession of buses going there every weekend, and on the last week every day. People worked hard there and from the feedback, were getting on well with the natives.

Although Labour’s total was 2.22% down from GE2015, and UKIP was 2.07% up from GE2015, and they beat the Tories into second place, they still lost by 2,620 votes.

Now we come to the question of Paul Nuttall’s leadership, which I have been following since he became leader. It is my considered opinion he has made a good leader. He hasn’t the flair of Nigel Farage, but that can’t be held against him as very few leaders have. As far as I can see, there have been no warning signs on my radar about him and I have been happy with him at the helm.

But there is one thing niggling at the back of my mind.
When the five people turned the Anti-Federalist league into the UK Independence Party, Dr Sked suddenly found he was no longer a big fish in a small pond, but a small fish in a big pond. He didn’t like it and he left amid acrimonious rows.

So for the next few general elections, the press wheeled him out, and gave him a full page to rubbish UKIP. This is one reason it took UKIP so long in the early days.

In every election we have in the future, at the very least until GE2030, will the press bring out the Hillsborough story. Yes, of course they will.
Do I believe his account about not checking his website when others may have added embellishments? Yes, I do—absolutely! I think Mr Nuttall is an honest man.

Should he check everything that goes out in his name? Yes, he should—absolutely!

If he is an aspiring politician, he has a responsibility to check everything that goes out in his personal name. You cannot trust others always to do the right thing.

But this is just my belief. It may not be shared by the UKIP NEC. If they feel they can combat this story at every election, then they should ignore my fears and keep Mr Nuttall as their leader.

Whether he goes or stays, I will still vote UKIP, and when they kick out Carswell, I might even rejoin as a Patron again.


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