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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The silent majority

After Brexit, and Trump, it is becoming evident that the silent majority which hugely outstrips the loud arrogant left, and the bankers, is beginning to stir and, as Corporal Jones said, in Dad’s Army, “They don’t like it up ‘em”!

I’d like to add another phrase of Corporal Jones’s “Don’t Panic” but then, they are panicking. And as James Delingpole said in his recent article in Breitbart News, we are winning the battles, but the war is by no means over.
Dogs who bark when you approach them, seldom bite. The ones which do bite are the silent ones, these are the most dangerous.

Like dogs, the left with their loud voices and insidious attacks on society are relatively harmless. The right have a go now and again but aren’t too worried about them.

But it is the silent ones, who work behind the scenes we have to be wary of. The shadowy figures behind our politicians, Usually rich and powerful bankers – the Rockefellas, the Rothchilds,  JP Morgan are examples.

Their families are vast. For example, the Rothchilds are one of the wealthiest and most influential families in the world. Estimates range from many billions for the head of family to a staggering $700 trillion, split between legions of descendants.

This sort of wealth commands enormous power; look at the poorer George Soros with an estimated wealth of only $23 billion. Look at the damage he does, and just imagine the power of the Rothchilds.

Then we have the Bilderberg Group which meets annually. Little is known about what they discuss but most in the know think it is about their plans for a new world order of one world, one government. I am not so sure, as huge swathes of their wealth come from armaments. One world government would make armaments obsolete.

Underneath this crowd of villains, we have the International Corporates and national corporates. Both groups have the ear of the EU and create enough red tape which they can handle in-house, but work which cripples their smaller SME competitors.

Finally we have all the national bodies which are bribed regularly by the EU. For instance, the BBC have received over £20 million to date and only very recently received a payment for £300,000.

These are the silent ones who go about their business of destroying Brexit and Trump behind the scenes. We have to be wary and watchful at every moment. Trump has wisely sacked his secret service body guards and employed his own for personal protection. We have to watch very carefully to ensure that Brexit goes ahead. Nigel Farage is very kind in his accusations that Theresa May is a ditherer. However, I suspect more skulduggery afoot.

I am, single handed, running the website, but need more help with the following:

1. Checking newspapers and magazines, both on the web and physical copies for information where the thought of Brexit has brought good fortune to the UK.

2. Checking newspapers and magazines, both on the web and physical copies for information where work is afoot to ensure that Brexit just doesn’t happen.
In both these cases, all I need is a web link if from electronic newspapers or magazines, or if a physical copy, the full title, page number, name and date of the newspaper or magazine.
3. help with checking lists of data. This is more involved than the above but would suit someone proficient at using Google to verify facts and data, searching for items etc.

Please ignore this plea for help if you feel that all our politicians are honourable people and would never do anything against their voters’ wishes.


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