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Monday, 23 January 2017

It's a funny life dealing with the USA

Many years ago, in the late seventies, I purchased Borland's PIM (Personal Information Manager to you).

Sitting in a pub with a few friends, we were complaining because, in the UK version, Borland had to remove the security for the UK version.

A foreign gentleman came over and in halting English said, come to pub tomorrow, same time, and I give you copy of American version.

Naturally, we all came back, and sure enough the guy came in, sat down and gave me an envelope with the copied disks in. He said he was from the Russian Embassy, I guessed KGB as he was allowed out - this was in the cold war period.

How did you get these, I asked? He said, Man in Washington Embassy went to computer shop around corner and bought the program over the counter.

So much for American efficiency and security I thought.


1 comment:

RAC said...

Software obtained from an unknown foreigner in a pub. What could go wrong with that?
To be fair I suppose there were fewer hackers about then, to be hoped anyway.