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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Parliament works against all decent citizens in the UK.

This is a comment a colleague left in the Daily Mail, it will be interesting to see whether it will be published:
"The biggest job we in Britain have facing us today is getting rid of the corrupt politicians from Westminster who it seems may be in the majority.
"They argue and work constantly in favour of unpatriotic and often treasonous acts often using a form of double speak and coded language to disguise their actions and motives when referring to them. Michael Fallon is one of many such wreckers of the UK and is often reviewed on UK Column, a must watch for people who want true news.

"Giving away taxpayers' money against taxpayers' wishes is one of the worse acts that all the traditional parties and politicians including the Greens practice.

"One of the terrifying aspects of these criminal politicians is that they are putting together an aggressive police force to impose a police state, something our BBC and main stream media refuse to report."
My colleague mentions Fallon, but I sincerely doubt if there is more than a small handful of MPs who really have this countries interest at heart. But please don't ask me to name them as I haven't a clue who they are.

Readers old enough to remember Yes Minister will know how easy our MPs are manipulated into "doing what is expected of them".


1 comment:

David Lewis said...

As requested, I will endeavour to keep my comments concise, polite and to the point. It is one thing to say that politicians are wrong; it is quite another to say that a probably majority are corrupt, unpatriotic, often treasonous, wreckers of the UK, and putting together "an aggressive police force to impose a police state".

Ampers's "colleague" thinks these villainous politicians are probably a majority, but Ampers thinks it is all MPs except "a small handful". The evidence for all this seems to be Yes Minister, a television series which - while very entertaining in its day - was fiction and not a documentary. Yes, Andrew, they were making it up!

If Ampers's description had been confined to the supporters of Jeremy Corbyn I might think he had a point even if he overstates it somewhat. But the Corbynites are only a majority within a minority.

By the way, "Giving away taxpayers' money against taxpayers' wishes" is not a heinous offence. As taxpayers we have representation and can use it. It would be completely impracticable to hold a referendum to ascertain "taxpayers' wishes" on each head of expenditure. If we did, you can be sure that everyone would vote according to his or her special interests. I am not arguing against strict financial control, but the statement is nonsense when you analyse it even superficially.

If we hadn't been enjoined to be polite, I might have suggested that Ampers and his colleague had taken leave of their senses. There is exaggeration and hyperbole, and there is ... what we've just been reading.

Well, I may not have been concise or polite, but I have certainly been to the point. And no, I am not a robot.