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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Only two of you for Christmas Lunch, here's what to do.

Pam and I are looking forward to Christmas day.

There's just the two of us, so we don't have Turkey as we don't want to be eating it at the end of January, or February perhaps?

We have roast pheasant, or used to until this year as we like to spend as little time in the kitchen as we can. We've discovered Pheasant breasts at Ocado. And cooking is easy - we cook at 65° C in a sealed plastic bag for a couple of hours, then just before serving, fry it in butter for a minute or so each side so it is a golden colour. As long as it is at 65° C you can cook it for 90 minutes or as long as you like so we don’t have to keep checking it. So it’s on at 11am and forget! And, no, the plastic doesn’t melt at that temperature!

Yes, it is costly, but it is only once a year! And, we thoroughly enjoy it...

We make a day of it with every course on the hour, starting at noon

Our menu is as follows:

First Course:
A smoked salmon salad with quails eggs.
No “French” stuff here, English sparkling wine to wash it down

Main Course:
Pheasant breasts, Asparagus, Tinned minty potatoes and petits pois (peas).
Washed down with a top Rustenburg South African Pinotage.

Pecan & Toffee Roulard (Waitrose)
A great dessert wine, Royal Tokaji wine completes the circle”

Mature Stilton on French bread tingles the palate
Old Port washes it down superbly and great for the toast to Her Majesty.

But with the finest chocolate, washed down with a great Van Ryn Cape Brandy.

* Computers, phones and tablets banned from noon.


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