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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Afrikaners get a bad press, what are they really like?

Ek onthou 'n voorval op 'n plaas waar die taai Afrikaans voorman toesig oor 'n groep swartes tot 'n groot leivoor te grawe.

'n Oproep deurgekom hom en ek is gestuur om hom te roep om die huis. Onmiddellik het hy weg is, die swartes gestaak en verlig sigarette.

Ek het teruggekeer na die huis en die voorman het die oproep klaar en hy het gaan staan by die venster kyk die swartes. Ek het gevra of hy gaan hulle ophou rook, Nee, het hy gesĂȘ, sal ek tot hulle klaar wag. Wat het hy gedoen. Toe het hy na die groep skree op hulle weer aan die werk te kry.

Hulle het, maar hulle was glimlag, weet hulle ...

(My taal nie te goed nie, ek was in Engeland vir 61 jaar!)

I remember an incident on a farm where the tough Afrikaans foreman was supervising a group of blacks to dig a large irrigation ditch.

A call came through to him and I was despatched to call him to the house. Immediately he had left, the blacks downed tools and lit up cigarettes.

I returned to the house and the foreman had finished the call and he stood by the window watching the blacks. I asked if he was going to stop them smoking, No, he said, I’ll wait till they have finished, cigarettes cost much money. Which he did. Then he returned to the group shouting and screaming at them to get back to work.

They did, but they were grinning, they knew…

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