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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

$350 paid to ALL demonstrators by George Soros for a one day's demonstrating against Trump

US and French media highlight anti-Trump demonstrations in various cities. This dispute is not spontaneous. Protesters are paid ...

On Craigslist, a website for classified ads very popular in the United States for his job search ads, sale and rental of housing, etc., one can easily find ads offering a job of a special kind "show against Donald Trump ".

The benefit is paid on time. From one city to another, protest against Donald Trump reports between 10 and 35 dollars an hour.

During the election campaign the protesters were already paid to protest against Trump ... but no "official" media ever spoke of it. All obediently showed images of anti-Trump protesters without saying anything about the evidence that they were being paid to demonstrate.

"Fight Agenda Trump! We are hiring full-time activists. "Washington Can! "Is the oldest and most deeply rooted nonprofit political association of our state. For more than 35 years, we have been fighting at the local and national levels on issues such as race, social, health, immigrant rights, and tax fairness. We are looking for motivated people, whether part-time or full-time. We offer permanent positions. We offer medical assistance, paid holidays, paid sick days. The average salary is between $ 15 and $ 20 an hour "

The suspicious announcement was published by Washington CAN! - an acronym for the Washington Community Action Network - is part of a network of nearly 500 undercover associations all over the United States, grouped under the name USAction, founded in 1999 and currently run by the African American activist William McNary.

The vice-president is Heather Booth, a historical figure of American feminism. USAction was born out of the ashes of Citizen Action - headed for years by Heather Booth - which had activists and affiliated associations in 34 states before turning into public support for the Democratic Party and then President Bill Clinton. The organization was involved in the Teamstersgate scandal due to illegal financing given to Ron Carey and his re-election as the Teamsters union, which now represents public and private sector workers.

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