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Sunday, 20 November 2016

What, exactly is the "WatchingUK" website about?

The website at is a website formed by a chairman of  a Grassroots out section in Barnet running street stalls informing the public about the evils of the EU and persuading as many as possible to vote for Brexit.

He is in his seventies and would love other Brexiteers to supply him with good news and bad news items on how we are faring now we voted out  Good news for the former, and how powerful people are forcing the government not to leave the EU for the latter.

The contents of the website include:
  • a list of powerful remainers against Brexit
  • a list of Theresa May's choice for her first cabinet, with photographs and whether they voted Leave or Remain,
  • a list of links to relevant websites such as news, politically parties, bodies etc.
  • a list, with links, of over twenty other groups who, like us, are also watching the politicians carefully.
  • a blog of good news about what is happening in the UK since we voted for Brexit
  • a blog which lists items which show things will not be plain sailing for us.
Click on the link above and see for yourself.


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