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Sunday, 20 November 2016

It's happening in the USA, when will it come to the UK?

Or has it already. Is George Soros the money behind Common Purpose. Watch this video and be horified.

If YouTube removes this video, and they might, send me a message and I'll send you a copy. or download Firefox and you can download any YouTube video straight to your computer using one of the add-ons in Firefox.

Now for the most terrifying video you'll ever watch - and remember - all this is just by one very rich man.


1 comment:

jonfree said...

I know that Common Purpose has been established through its tentacles in the UK for many years-first encountered it about 10 yrs ago, and through a Brian Gerrish et al was able to ascertain the full horrifying picture of this evil slimy being that has infiltrated the establishment-one senior member of Common Purpose sat or did sit in the office of the Deputy Prime Minister would you credit. A fight will be necessary to rid this nation of such filth, but leaving the EU may not be enough especially given that Article 50 which was forced upon us in 1972/3 will take 2 yrs to complete or may be longer. Think we all really know what has to be done but have the people of this nation the grit to take such action.