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Saturday, 12 November 2016

How to avoid hiring lefties.

I was chatting to a fellow South African businessman some time ago and he told me of his secret of not hiring lefties.

He had never hunted but, in his reception, when interviewing future staff, he put up a painting of him standing with one foot on a dead lion at his feet, and holding a very long rifle, he had especially commissioned. If a lefty hadn't been put off by this, he had pictures of bawdy nearly naked women hanging on his office wall (with very large... eyes) together with a notice on his desk "Help us make money for the Conservative Party" etched expensively in brass. He had never given them a penny, nor any other political party. The result is, he had  200 hard workers and made a lot of money.

Once staff had been employed, the props were carefully stored for the next time.

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