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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Computer efficiency tip to speed up web loading

One of the benefits of using Firefox is the possibility of having your own opening page. There are dozens and dozens of web pages I want to access, once a month, once a week or even many times a day.

So I am slowly building up a “start page” system for Firefox. Alas, Google don’t make it easy to insert your own start page, which is why I moved to Firefox.

It hasn’t been prettied up yet, and there are still dozens of sites to enter.

Here is the opening “start page” screen. Every title in each box is a link to another page, and by the time I have finished, there will be at least two more rows in the table.

I have split up the Google sites into two. Under Google Drive I have the Drive apps, docs, spreadsheets etc as I am on G Suite for Business (ten bucks a month with unlimited storage in the cloud) and I get to use my own domain instead of In addition, this gives me access to everything, whether on my desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone, or any computer anywhere in the world.

Once I click on the subject link in the above illustration, I go into the links page for visiting any website in that particular group.

Here is just one of the many pages of links. Some of my pages are short, like the below Google page and some of them are in two columns. These are also within a table but with the borders hidden.


So with a couple of clicks of my mouse I can get straight into a hundred or more websites without typing a single letter.

If you know how to do this within the Google Chrome browser, which comes up automatically when you fire Google up, please add a comment so everyone can see. Also any comments on whether this can be done in IE, Safari or Opera would be useful.


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