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Friday, 18 November 2016

Are our politicians pulling their weight?

Facts first and then the blog:

USA 318.9 million
UK      64.1 million

United States
Upper House 100 Senators Min 30 years, In USA 9 years
Lower House 435 Reprs       Min 25 years. In USA 7 years

United Kingdom
Upper House 460 Lords Minimum 18 years old
Lower House 450 MPs Min 18 yrs old and never bankrupt

Land Mass
USA 3,796,913 square miles
UK         94,057 square miles

Voters covered per politician

Upper House 3,189,000 voters *
Lower House    733,103 voters *
Upper House      84,342 voters *
Lower House      98,615 voters *

Area covered by the politicians

Upper House 37,969 square miles
Lower House    8,728 square miles

Upper House      204 square miles
Lower House      209 square miles

According to  Viviane Reding, a European Commissioner from Luxembourg, 74% of all UK law emanates from the EU

* This doesn't include illegals


So, considering, our MPs workload for lawmaking has now reduced by three-quarters, and taking the above figures into question, the question we have to ask ourselves is, how lazy are the bastards in Westminster and taking into question their expenses and how they milk them, how honest and hard-working are our politicians. Bear in mind they have offices and staff provided for them.

There are three types of laws emanating from the EU and the reason you get four sets bandied about is that different politicians mention the different type of their choosing, Nick Clegg mentions the lowest type at 7% for example. Viviane Reding added them all up which is why her EU figure of 74% is accurate.

I'll leave you to study the above figures and ponder. Don't forget to take the differences between the area USA politicians have to cover and the piddly areas our UK politicians cover.



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