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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Are you thinking of opening a new shop?

Before signing the lease, walk the area; what side of the street do the majority walk on? How busy is it between 9am and 12noon, 1pm to 2pm, and 2pm to 6pm?

Does your business depend on people coming from out of the area? If so, where are the nearest parking areas? An added plus if your shop is near a bus stop!

The weeks before you open, deliver 10,000 leaflets. Offer a very large discount voucher for all who turn up between 5pm and 7pm at the opening party. Preferably  the night before opening the shop. Keep the leaflet simple, The type of shop and the date of the party.

Have music playing in this party so people coming home from work will hear and make a note of your shop. Curiosity may bring them in over the coming weeks. Invite the local Councillors and any other notaries.

Naturally not all will be able to get in, but make sure they all get a voucher when turning up. Have a time limit of three months on the discount voucher. Mention this in the leaflet.

You are now off to a fine start, but it’s up to your service, and the quality and price of your goods, whether you succeed.


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