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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Why I pay £79.00 (or £6.58 a month) for Amazon Prime

I buy between 3 and 5 items a month from Amazon. From a new TV down to a pack of elastic bands. I buy my South African brandy from them as well. Bearing in mind the average delivery charge is over £5, and Prime delivery is free, that saves me over £79 a year if I were only buying four items every three months.

In addition, I get next day delivery service by courier, and that even included an order for a box of elastic bands!

Another good thing is, Amazon have a lot of third party sellers who, more times than not, honour Amazon's Prime by waiving postage on their products – an additional bonus.

If I elected for two to three days delivery, I get a £1 credit which I can use to buy a Kindle Book of download music from Amazon, or watch paying movies on Prime TV, which is free to members of Amazon Prime. I always make sure I get delayed delivery for at least 79 items a year to ensure my Prime membership is virtually free!

Because I buy so much on Amazon, I am treated well. For example I had a £200 plus camera, a Panasonic Lumix TZ60 which broke after nine months. I emailed Amazon asking who to contact to get it repaired. Remember this was nine months later… they replied instantly and said, send it back at our expense and we will credit you with the full expense. I bought the next one up, the TX80 and was very pleased.

Using Amazon Prime, there are hundreds of both movies and television shows and a prolific amount of music to stream free of charge. I've gone a bit berserk on classical, Opera, Country and 60s Rock. All totally free to listen to or watch at any time.

However you still need to shop around. I just bought the new Dyson hair-dryer, over £400 on Amazon, but £299 just about everywhere else. Possibly an error but it pays to do your homework!

Finally, living in North London I can get many of my purchases delivered free within one hour of placing my order between 8am and midnight.

All this for less than 22p a day or less than a cheap Americano coffee a week?



Andrew Ampers Taylor said...

I didn't want to include this in the Article as Jeremy Clarkson is a little like Marmite!

But You'll be able to watch the original Top Gear team of three on Amazon Prime in the Autumn for their new Grand Tour programme. For no extra charge.

Harvey Paul said...

You also get Amazon photos free unlimited photo backup plus 5GB for other files. Download the app