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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Streaming within comprehensives

One Answer could be to Streaming in  Comprehensives.

A Stream for Grammar status
B Stream for Comprehensive status
Ć Stream for remedial status
D Stream for Metalwork and woodwork.

My Afrikaans boarding school adopted this system and it was very effective, so before you tear it to pieces, it has been done before.

But I would take it further.

A bonus of £500 to be paid for every B Stream pupils qualifies to move up at the end of year exams, to the A Stream. And a £750 bonus for C Stream pupils who gravitate to the B Stream.

Some pupils just don't do well in their academic studies but remember, we used to be a nation of artisans, and people very able with their hands can earn far more than the average. And, before you scream "sexist" I have known a few excellent women Carpenters and plumbers...

The unions will kick up a storm, and many of the public will deplore paying teachers more, but remember, our country depends on our brightest and best becoming the brightest and the best!


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