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Monday, 19 September 2016

How Firefox saves me hours of time

I used to use Chrome and, to be fair, liked it enormously. But I can't have an opening page as I do in Firefox.

There are many reasons to choose Firefox. Security, it is opensource so you can check the source code for any trap doors is one very good reason.

However, my main reason is you can devise your own starting page, unlike the others.

To make an opening page requires a limited knowledge of HTML code. This is not as daunting as it seems as you can use the WW3 web site at which has a huge range of tutorials on web programming--but you only need to use the first one on their list “Learn HTML”.

My opening page has over 60 links in three columns grouped under various headings with descriptions, which open in another page so it is always there on the left. Every time I fire up my browser, Firefox's home page shows me the sixty most used sites of mine so I can get to where I want with one click!

Over the last year it must have saved me hours of my time, not to mention the wear and tear of my fingers as I punch my hapless keyboard into smithereens.


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