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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The Foreign invasion.

Naturally, the false asylum seekers who enter the UK are illegal and should be deported, whether criminals or not. There are rules about entering a country illegally by slipping through procedures or using false documents.

Also, we must be alarmed by ISIS threat of saying they are slipping in thousands of killers into the EU disguised as Asylum seekers. These are of many religions but most have the same barbaric religion which is to maim, rape and kill non-believers.

But I welcome the Eastern Europeans into our country providing they are here for life and want to settle down, hold jobs, buy homes and have families. I have met many of these people and they are all very friendly unless pushed.

They are over here with their children but as the children grow up and marry, I hope they will fall in love with English people. After two dastardly world wars, the English race has lost huge swaths of their bravest people. The race has weakened. Just look at the huge amount who, too terrified to stand on their own two feet and face a brave new world, opted to vote to remain in a suffocating, undemocratic, European Union.


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