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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Can you help with extra information please?

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The establishment grouped together to defend the EU.

Below is a list of public figures, foreign politicians and companies who actively supported the remain campaign by browbeating the British Public not to Brexit.

Name                       Position

Richard Branson     Founder, Virgin Group
Barack Obama        President of the United States of America
Lord Rose                Chairman of Marks & Spencer
Lord Sainsbuty        Sainsbury Supermarkets and Britain Stronger in Europe
David Cameron       British Prime Minister
Nicola Sturgeon      Scotish First Minister
Tony Blair               Ex PM   }    It's debatable whether they, in fact, actually
Gordon Brown        Ex PM   }    helped the Remain cause by speaking for it
John Major              Ex PM   }    during the Brexit campaign.

Can you add to it? We aren't interested in people who kept their head down but voted Remain, this was their inalienable right. But we are interested in all those who appeared in the newspapers, TV or radio who tried to influence the result by browbeating the British people.



Andrew Ampers Taylor said...

These have been added

Lord Heseltine
George Osborne
Alec Salmon
Paddy Ashdown
Nick Clegg
Vince Cable
Ming Campbell
Head of BT
Head of CBI
Everybody at BBC
Most at Sky

jonfree said...

Please add: Lord Peter Mandleson, Lord Michael Grade, Justin Welby (Arch Bish) Richard Dimbleby, Sir Lynton Crosby-Strategist to Con Election, John Sorrell Creative Industrial Federation, Carol Ann Duffy Poet Laureate, Ed Balls, Sir James Dyson, Simon Cowell, J K Rowling.

It is evident from the number of Cabinet Ministers that voted Remain 38, that the Prime Minister in electing David Davies, Liam Cox & Boris Johnson, is to sack them as soon as is convenient- the power of the Elite will continue to push ahead with its programme of New World Order, however as long as London stays at the centre of European/World finance Britain will survive.

Andrew Ampers Taylor said...

Sir Jammes Dyson was for Brexit, we don't want to add his name :-)