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Monday, 25 July 2016

BREXIT will NOT happen unless we watch these bastards like hawks.

We are living in trying times.

Did we win Brexit? That's now looking debatable!

Are the "Remain MPs", Theresa May is one of them, going to try and thwart us so we are kept in the EU against the will of the majority? They are, according to the Conservative Chairman, already stretching invoking Article50 to GE2020!

Technically, there can't be a General Election before 2020 but there are one or two ways in which it could be possible for Parliament to call an election earlier - some are thinking this could happen shortly in the new year.

We must be ready,

You must be ready

I am looking for people, throughout Britain, willing to be part of a team.

I'm not looking for physical fighters but people who are far lest bothered on being politically correct and don't mind calling a spade a spade, or a wicked MP a bastard or a bitch!

There are plenty fighting an intellectual battle with members of parliament and the press, but they are not only small in number but have fixed ideas which don't appeal to the masses.

We have to concentrate on the "man in the street", whereas the MPs number in tens, the man in the street number in millions. This is where the fight will be won.

Can you watch and collect information for us (Team Members)
Can you proof-read, check links etc for us (sub-editors)
Can you take copy and post into the website? (Editors)
Can you build a complex website system? (Web Designer)

Remember, our politicians are proven to be deceitful.

Help me build:

Monday, 18 July 2016

The beginning of a long arduous campaign to keep an eye on our weak willed leaders in parliament.

 We have to keep this Government to account
come and help our loyal team
You can live anywhere in the world to help

Do you get a newspaper regularly? we need to know all the pro Brexit and Anti Brexit articles your paper prints. If you find a relevant article there's no need to write out the article, just the subject line and paper name and date, others can find the web version.

Do you want any of the following news programs regularly? BBC, ITV Channel 4 or Sky? we need to built up pictures of their anti-British propaganda. A short precise with the time and date will suffice.

Are you on Facebook a lot? we need to get a feel for anti British pages there. Not the personal sections of your friends, but official organisations with their pages there. Post the link to our members Group page.

Are you on Twitter? A constant battle royal is on there all the time and @AmpersUK (that's me) is usually in the thick of things. And most surprised Twitter hasn't banned him yet. If you see anything relevant, mark it as a Favourite for looking through when you have time.

We have our own Google Group to submit info, and the person in the next stage, then lifts it out of there to work on it. All very clean and simple.

Once we have built up our temporary website we will be looking for other skills, such as:

leadership skills
recruitment skills
website design skills
newspaper letter writing skills
solicitors help
to name but a few.

As we grow, new skills will spring to mind so, if you feel you may not have something to offer right now, list them at the end of the form, or perhaps you just want to be kept in the loop, let us know at the end of the form.

And the pay is phenomenal! It is the knowledge that by your help in this campaign, you will have helped make Britain Great again. That's something that money cannot buy!

Fill in the form but if by the end of it, you feel you want to think longer about it, just omit your name and email address. If the form insists to add something, just put ampers for your name and for your email address. Your form will automatically be deleted.