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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Why I swopped my £1,000+ Longines for a smart watch.

Watches on my wrist

I used to own a Longines, and my wife wears an Omega. But now, I wear an LG G Watch R smart watch. Why have I gone down the el cheapo route?

I paid £199.00 on Amazon for it, although now no longer sold, but two companies offer it for £685 and £689).

I will update the watch for a new watch every year as micro electronics get smaller and smaller and the watches do more and more. So in the end I may actually pay far more than my £1,000 plus Longines.

However, all my phone notifications can, if I so desire, also go to my watch, and I do desire! So much easier than getting the phone out.

I can send texts to people, and even short emails, via voice to my watch, once again so much easier than getting the phone out.

I have my phone bell off and vibrate on, so when someone calls me, my watch vibrates and I can check who is calling and decide whether to take it. So much easier than getting the phone out.

But above all, giving me a feeling of smug superiority when I am on a train, or in a restaurant, and seeing everyone tapping away on their phones.

I'm not really a nice person!


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